Orion Titain

King/Queen of Mythfalls Orion Titain (a.k.a. Bright Flame Warrior)

Orion Titan was the first king of Mythfall. He became king after leading the people of this splinter region to take back their land from the ruthless pirate Lord Neubert. He was known as a man of honor and great wisdom. As well as a master leader and tactician. He was able to bring three species together to take back their land, because of this they made him king and would follow him under his rule to help safeguard all of them.

He is a master in the great sword, and his talent with a blade is a sight to behold. During his time as king, he helped his kingdom grow and become a viable Kingdom. Now being this great king and great warrior, he was actually very approachable. He likes to get his hands dirty and help with the work. his belief that the top and the bottom should work together to build a stronger Kingdom.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is in the top physical district even when he was an old man. As a king, he did not believe in not still training and honing his body. He wanted to be able to protect his king new Kingdom both his mental abilities and its physical.

Body Features

He has a scar on his left shoulder from one of the many battles they had against these pirates. He also has a burnt scar mark on his lower abdomen from his fight with Hellion.

Special abilities

He uses light and fire magic. his aura is a bright white light. His abilities with the light magic were mostly flashes and other instruments with quick flashes of light. He didn't have any illusionary base or high beams attacks with it. His fire magic was kind of limited to sitting off white fireballs and a small fire stream. He also had one technique he made where he fused his light magic and fire magic and embued it into his sword. The sword would come with blazing white fire with a strong radiant light. On a power scale, it wasn't that powerful of a spell but it became a big signal on the battlefield, that gave and filled everyone with hope.

Mental characteristics


He will educate by private tutors some of the best in the Kingdom of Ray. he's also given sword training by his father's personal bodyguard. He will a strict and powerful teacher that taught him to master the sword, wisdom, and power.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of his favorite accomplishments was when he was 19 and was finally able to beat His master in the sword duel. In the same week, he also won the kingdom's sword tournament. He was recognized as the best swordsman in the Kingdom, but sadly the next day is when the Pirate Hellion attacked.

The second and greatest achievement is that he was able to bridge the gap and unite what was left of elves, humans, and halflings. The three species united to take back the entire lands that the Dread Pirate Hellion had stolen and reclaimed for themselves. With his tactical mind, he led them to one great victory after another.  In one final battle, they were able to defeat the Dread Pirate Hellion. With the death of their leader the people were able to drive the other pirates away from their shores. . After all this pain and strife that everyone has suffered to reclaim this land. They decided to start a new Kingdom together with the Blue Flame Warrior as the king. This was the greatest honor upon which he was bestowed. For that, he dedicated his life to this new Kingdom and called it, Mythfall.

Failures & Embarrassments

To him, his greatest failure in the fall of the Kingdom of Ray. He wasn't able to save his people or his father and mother. He had to flee the Dread Pirate Hellion as he raided the kingdom. The Dread Pirate quickly took over the land, slaughtering anyone that got in his way. Orion Titan felt powerless and he had promised that we would come back and take revenge as he was forced to leave his home and his people
Date of Birth
Date of Death
2108 2209 101 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Prince of the Kingdom of Ray
Circumstances of Death
Old age and great life
within the Palace of the kingdom of Ray
Place of Death
in the Palace in Mythfall
Dark Rich Brown
Light Brown
Known Languages
He knows Halfling, Elvin, Common, and also some Dwarven.

Cover image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)
Character Portrait image: by Marc Zipper (Valcin)


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