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It a Kingdom that was start by Human , Wood Elf , and Halfling. From a The Hellion real name Erving Thacker. These pirates Rated in pillage areas started claiming northern territories as their property taking them from the Wood Elves and Halfling. They got so big and so bold that they started moving South. until a man named Orion Titain . founded the human, halfling, and Wood Elf together. leaving them and reclaiming all the territory. from that day forward the Kingdom decided to stay together and become the Kingdom of Mythfall Orion’s lead.
Now today the Kingdom has grown pretty big and lives an enriching life full of all types of species and multiple cultures working well within the bounds of nature and law and order. They have great agriculture and nature-style magic. Their plants and medicine are some of the bests in the world. Due to their superior nature style magic and skill, Their produce is exceptional and is one of the best reasons to travel to Mythfall.


Mystfall is a monarch country. It is currently being ruled by queen Shion Titian. She came from a long line of kings and Queens. That has ruled over this great Kingdom from the very beginning. Her children will be given the title of Duke and Duchess until they come of age at 22. Now the next king or queen will be decided by the Queen on who she believes fits for the position from her children. it is all based on her criteria and what she thinks is best for the Kingdom.
The next figure in power is the Dukes and Duchess. There are eight of them that are outside of the Princess and princesses. These families oversee the region's area. Where they are to enforce the Queen's laws and retrieve the taxes. They are given either Marquis and Marchioness or Count or Countess depending on where their borders line with the rest of the country. The Marquis/ness and Count/ess Will be rulers of a state and will be required to maintain law and order. Even providing their own law enforcement and army. To help them keep up with law and order. They get Viscount and Viscountess They tend to be the arms of the Marquis/ness or Coun/tess. In most cases, they are judges or a high-ranking traveling law enforcer. They are there to enforce the laws. Also, they are there the collect taxes. last in line is the barons and Baroness. There are people that have a large amount of land that supplies the Kingdom with something they also tend to have their own set of guards. So during times of war, they could be required to give those guards up.


This Kingdom is created around multiple species. You will find most species living in harmony with each other working together to achieve great things. There are several towns villages and cities that are mostly built up of a single race, but no city will kick any other race out. You will find the elves have built several homes in the trees while the half leans live in small homes in the ground near the hillside. In most bigger towns you will find all species living together. People work together worship together and shelter cultures that have made this Kingdom vast and diverse.

Public Agenda

Public agenda the public agenda is to support and provide a stable Kingdom for all its citizens. How good relationships with other countries and kingdoms. And to provide the best produce to anyone who wishes to purchase it from them.


Besides the standard gold raw material and horses. This place has several ports Wednesday do well on trade getting this and other stuff from the sea. They have a variety of fruit veggies plants and herbs at providing for both the Kingdom and trading with their neighbors. With several magical colleges providing multiple studies and then their specializations and earth magic plants and nature and spirit. This Kingdom is very rich and highly sustained in its assets.

Demography and Population

It is 35% Human, 24% wood Elf, and 13% Halfling. The rest of it breaks into vary of other species.


They follow the church of the 8 but hold Chikyu in high light.

Agriculture & Industry

Most common buildings are built out of the wood structure. the other more important buildings were flashier buildings and the council are built the stone and brick. how has the similar field renaissance era slash medieval era with some unique technology and magical items mixed into the city life structure.

Trade & Transport

This Kingdom has multiple seaports and I very active route via sea to transport items. Sea trade includes trading with the local Nastu islands and to the Gia island. The land and river routes are pretty extensive as well winding through the forests and other trees. this Kingdom trades with all of its surrounding neighbors. The waterways are very expensive and sometimes travel is quicker via water than via land. so it's very common to travel and trade along the rivers. .


They have very well educated. It is broken into common and High society. until high school when they are either put into apprenticeship ship or they go for higher Edu. Which both noble and commoner have a chance of getting into. It doses depending on what they are doing and the rule in the area.

The 8 Have Blessed are Falls

Founding Date
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Crowned Republic
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Mostly the Queen does. What she says goes. The other nobles that are given territories to govern over. Can put rules and laws of their own that as long as they don't overrule or affect the Queens in any way.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Traditions

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