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Twin Tail Sea Fox

When exploring Mystic Falls you will come upon a large cavern. The cavern is known as Cascade Cavern and in this cavern, you'll see many pools of water many of them very deep near the center of this cavern in one of those pools of water you'll find Twin Tail Sea Fox. depending on the time of day the statue can be either underwater or above water. This statue was discovered by Haru Dallas when he was exploring the falls.

Purpose / Function

Twin Tail Sea Fox statue is covered in beautiful hieroglyphs that shine a shimmering blue. You can almost see the magic behind the ruins. Haru Dallas the person that located the statue used his knowledge to decipher some of the ruins and he believes that the statue represents the Sea foxes traveling between two different worlds through the water. But on the other hand, the hieroglyphs could also mean that the see fox is our spirit guide to the afterlife. No one fully knows the language inscribed on the statue and we can only make an educated guess based on our limited knowledge.


This statue is in the shape of a two-tailed sea fox. the sea fox that was discovered in this cavern only has one tell so it does make you wonder. The base of the statue is a beautiful Onyx that shines in the light well the main part of it is made of marble which is a turquoise color and looks like the water and time have not aged today. On the Onyx base, you see the hieroglyphs and ruins in a uniform script. These hieroglyphs are of a shimmering blue that is reminiscent of moving water.


When Haru Dallas explored Mystic falls he did not expect to find anything in the caverns below. Unbeknownst to him, he found one of the first settlements in the area, not of the humans or the elves or the halflings or even the dwarves but I have an unknown race potentially the Aquarians. This knowledge changed everything that early historians thought of the area. Most of the earliest writings say this area was uninhabited and that no one lived on her under the mountain until the Kingdom of ray was founded.

Haru Dallas found in the Cascade Caverns many relics of this unknown society. In these caverns, he found there are remains of buildings and other things needed for living. He found the twin-tell sea fox monument and he found the sea fox is themselves.
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