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Majestic Falls

Majestic Waterfalls is in the Kingdom of Mythfalls territory, next to the capital. The falls are a mountain that comes out of a pond. The pond is big enough for a city to be using it for territory. The mountain takes 1/3 of the pond in the center of it. Has water coming out of it from all sides and at different levels. Retains and gets more water from the pond as it drains into the caverns underneath it and then the water rises up and gets expelled out of the mountain. This is a very add normal phenomenon which is still being researched on how this is possible. The falls and the part are a very beautiful view no matter what time of day you look at it


The pond is freshwater very beautiful blue that gets its water from The Azure River. The mountain it's mostly just shiny grey and black stone with some algae growing on it. Now inside of the mountain in the caverns they have looked like they've been smooth out all over and they're big enough for humanoids to walk through it. That even on the side of the wall and on top. Most of the fall’s water doesn't reach that high in the caverns. Inside the mountain caverns or other dry areas that you can find as you travel all over it. There are several types of plants and also the Sea Fox live here.

Localized Phenomena

While exploring the caverns below the mountain a phenomenon was discovered. The falls in the Cascade Cavern seem to defy gravity. The law of nature says that water is to flow down to the lowest points and when there's a Cliff the waterfall flows over it, but in this cavern, for some reason, the water does not listen to gravity and flows backward. When people came to research this phenomenon, they notice that the water went in reverse it went down the river and through the caverns to come back to this pond where the flows begin, and continue. It seems that gravity still exists though as a researcher found out as he fell off the top of the ledge luckily falling into the pool of water. It appears that the phenomenon is not gravity-based but water-based.

A group of mages came to research these falls learning about water magic they use to detect magic on the water, on the rocks, on the Moss, and on the animals anything trying to figure out why this phenomenon existed. But for some reason, even the strongest wizard could not figure out the magic used to create these rocks and water flowing in the incorrect direction. They could tell there was little magic with the cavern but it left no real singer of element type or anyway it works. It is almost like it is about nature.


People come from all over the world to see the beautiful Falls. They come to do painting and other types of artwork. Also, a place where people love having their ceremonies and weddings with the falls in the background. There are a lot of places around the pound that provide for this type of fun. Some people do also come to see the Sea Foxs. This is the only place that they have been found.
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