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Hello and welcome to Elema. In this universe, magic and science are like two sides of the same gold coin. There are many animals, beasts, and monsters to see. Be cautious since they all have magical abilities and are used them to escape or/and attack. There are also eight Gods and Goddesses in the Divine realm who created metal in Elema. Some may want to help you, while others may prefer to watch you fail. So be mindful of the gods and goddesses you worship. This is merely a small sample of what you will uncover in this world.
Allow me to give you the lowdown on this magnificent world. Yes, this is a fantasy world with swords and magic, yet technology and invention are everywhere. To comprehend how their technology has evolved alongside their abilities and magic. In this universe, the notions of magic and science have become confused. To the point where the most accurate definition of science is anything or an item outside of a living animal that causes something to happen. Where magic is defined as a living creature using energy to create an effect they want. Believe me, there is a lot of overlap between these two conceptions.

Next, we'll look at the eight active gods and goddesses who influence our realm. The eight gods are known as the holy divine 8, or the sacred gods and goddesses. They created the world and began as the eight basic gods, but they evolved alongside the world. So they begin as Gods and Goddesses of the elements that comprise the world and magic. Their basic identities and magical components are fire, water, earth, air, spirit, will, light, and darkness.

These gods and goddesses evolved due to the mortal realm's influence on them. It was a collaborative effort between the followers and avatars. That change, who they are, and how they responded. Their avatars are Elema-based replicas of themselves. They also set aside areas of each of their domains to house anyone judged unfit or antagonistic to them. These portions of the Celestial Realm separated from each other, sending soul who had fallen from their beliefs. They divide it into eight portions and use a ruler for each one. These Rulers take control of their domain and occasionally interfere with Elema. As a result, some people have begun to disparage them as a God or Goddess. As a result, they now have some power and are considered minor deities. So all 16 still continue to affect and transfer Elema.

Next, we'll explore Elema's species. This world contains 15 sentient species that you can play as. These species have inhabited the globe. They have been surviving in this world alongside animals, magical beasts, and plant life. I will inform you that every living creature and some plants have magical powers. Animals normally possess only one magical skill. A magical beast may possess any mix of magical resistance, power, special abilities, and more than one power. They are sometimes referred to as monsters. Because of these animals, civilizations, and technology have evolved to deal with or coexist with them in some capacity. There are countless plant species in the globe that are used for a range of reasons, including poisons, potions, and even products. Plant life is also ideal for producing many types of food and medicine.

If you're ready to explore all the world has to offer. Then go out there and figure out what and how you will live in this gorgeous environment. It is time for an adventure.