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Chikyu follower are highly connected to the complex cycles of the land, recognizing the delicate balance between the living creator and the requirements of the natural world. Unlike certain belief systems, which advocate for extremes, Chikyu's teachings emphasize the significance of balancing necessity and desire. Rather than calling for a full rejection of sentient species' impact on nature or unbridled resource exploitation, Chikyu's followers seek a balanced approach that respects both the needs of the world and the integrity of the environment.

This balanced ethos differs from the more radical viewpoints commonly associated with some druidic ideas, which may prioritize nature's well-being over all else. Instead, Chikyu conveys the idea that the land has been generously given to sentient species as a gift, providing nutrition and resources for survival. However, this gift comes with the duty of stewarding the land with care and regard, ensuring that its plentiful blessings continue for future generations.

Chikyu has blessed the region with a variety of plant life. She has also collaborated with other gods and goddesses to create plant life of various varieties. This has resulted in an extremely lively and deadly world for many creatures. She is the goddess who would keep offering while yet expecting you to work for it. Her church members understand that being a follower of hers entails working hard and receiving her blesssing.


he organization of the Sacred Church of Chikyu is structured around the leadership are Sacred Priestess, who serve as the high priests or leaders of the faith. These sacred Priestess are individuals who live off the land and have a deep connection to nature. They are responsible for overseeing small temples or sacred earth magical areas within their regions. Sacred Priestess have the authority to vest people in their communities with blessings, particularly for the land, food, plants, and sometimes for travel. These blessings are believed to enhance the fertility of the soil, the abundance of crops, and the overall well-being of the community. In return for these blessings, the recipients, known as followers or wanderers, assist the Sacred Priestess in their duties and contribute to the protection and preservation of the land.

Additionally, the Sacred Church of Chikyu includes paladins, clerics, and priests/priestesses, who play vital roles in the spiritual and practical aspects of the faith. Paladins are champions of Chikyu's teachings, embodying principles of honor, duty, and protection. They often serve as guardians of the land and defenders of the faith, using their martial prowess to safeguard both the physical and spiritual well-being of their communities.

Clerics and priests/priestesses, on the other hand, are spiritual guides and mediators between the divine and the earthly realm. They lead congregations in worship, perform rituals, and offer guidance and counsel to followers. Their deep understanding of Chikyu's teachings allows them to impart wisdom and inspire devotion among the faithful. Like the Sacred Priestess, clerics and priests/priestesses are deeply connected to the land and its cycles, drawing strength from nature and channeling divine energy to serve the needs of their communities.

Overall, the organization operates in a decentralized manner, with Sacred Priestess, paladins, clerics, and priests/priestesses working collaboratively to nurture the relationship between humanity and the earth. This structure emphasizes the importance of stewardship, reciprocity, and reverence for the natural world within the faith.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the Sacred Church of Chikyu is multifaceted, focusing on guiding followers to connect with Chikyu, the earth goddess, and fostering a harmonious balance in their lives while facilitating the exchange of blessings between individuals and the land. Here's a breakdown of the agenda: Spiritual Connection with Chikyu: The primary goal is to help followers establish a deep spiritual connection with Chikyu, the earth goddess. Through rituals, prayers, and meditation, followers are encouraged to cultivate a profound reverence for the earth and its natural cycles.

Understanding Balance: The church aims to impart teachings on finding balance in all aspects of life. This includes striking a harmonious equilibrium between personal needs and desires, as well as recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings with the earth.

Giving and Receiving Blessings: Central to the faith is the concept of reciprocity between humans and the land. Followers are taught to give back to the earth by tending to its needs and stewarding its resources responsibly. In return, they receive blessings from the land, which may manifest as bountiful harvests, fertile soil, or a sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Community Engagement: The church encourages active participation in community activities aimed at nurturing the land and supporting one another. This may involve collaborative farming initiatives, environmental conservation projects, or communal rituals to honor Chikyu and express gratitude for her blessings.

Education and Outreach: The church also prioritizes education and outreach efforts to spread awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable living practices. Through workshops, seminars, and public events, followers are empowered to become advocates for the earth and agents of positive change in their communities.

Overall, the agenda of the Sacred Church of Chikyu revolves around fostering a deep spiritual connection with the earth goddess, promoting balance and reciprocity in human-earth relationships, and nurturing a sense of environmental responsibility and community cohesion among its followers.

Tenets of Faith

The tenets of the faith in the Sacred Church of Chikyu can be summarized as follows: Care: Followers are encouraged to care for themselves and others, nurturing personal growth and contributing to the well-being of their communities. Additionally, they are tasked with caring for the land and environment, recognizing the importance of stewardship and preservation.

Share: Chikyu emphasizes the importance of sharing one's talents, resources, and blessings with others. Followers are called to be generous and altruistic, spreading kindness and contributing to the collective welfare of society.

Balance: The concept of balance is central to Chikyu's teachings. Followers are urged to find harmony in their lives, striking a balance between giving and receiving, abundance and scarcity, and personal fulfillment and societal responsibility. By embracing balance, they honor the interconnectedness of all life and contribute to the sustainability of the earth.


The ethics of the Sacred Church of Chikyu revolve around the principles of stewardship, reciprocity, and harmony. Here are the key ethical guidelines:

Stewardship: Followers are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for the world around them, including the land, plants, animals, and fellow beings. They are called to be mindful stewards, nurturing and preserving the environment for present and future generations.

Reciprocity: Chikyu emphasizes the importance of reciprocity in all interactions. Followers are encouraged to give back to the world as much as they receive, ensuring a cycle of mutual support and benefit. This extends to relationships with nature, communities, and individuals.

Harmony: Central to Chikyu's ethics is the pursuit of harmony and balance in all aspects of life. Followers are urged to seek harmony within themselves, with others, and with the natural world. They strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment, respecting its rhythms and cycles.

Cooperation: Chikyu promotes cooperation and collaboration among individuals and communities. Followers are encouraged to work together towards common goals, supporting each other in achieving mutual prosperity and well-being.

Respect: Respect for all forms of life is paramount in Chikyu's ethics. Followers are expected to treat every living being with dignity and compassion, recognizing the inherent value and interconnectedness of all life forms.   By adhering to these ethical principles, followers of Chikyu aim to cultivate a world characterized by sustainability, reciprocity, and harmonious coexistence.

Granted Divine Powers

Trial of the Earth's Strength:

In this trial, aspiring paladins are tested on their physical, mental, and spiritual strength, as well as their connection to the Elema lands and its Earth elements. Candidates are taken to a remote and rugged terrain, representing the diverse landscapes of the Elema. They must endure various elemental challenges, such as enduring extreme temperatures, traversing treacherous landscapes, and surviving encounters with wild creatures. The candidates must demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and respect for the natural world. The Candidates that survived this long week.

They are then taken to a sacred grove, where they must execute ceremonies to communicate with the Earth elements and Chikyu. They will be tasked with maintaining balance and harmony inside themselves as well as in their surroundings. As they channel the power it can become one with them. where the energy around them, Chikyu divine energy, and their personal energy are one They will feel as if they are receiving a warm hug and you will her whisper welcome to her service and home. You are know a paladin of Chikyu If the energy does not merge within you. The candidate will be able to tell this and should stop. They had technically failed the test but there is still hope for them.

If a Candidate attempts to force energy into themself. There will be a backlash, and the person will be knocked out, with many scars resembling roots reaching all the way up from their feet to their thighs. Even after it heals,  their legs will still have dark brown or burned orange patterns. This informs everyone that they are attempting to force Chikyu and Earth Energy to submit to them. They will be excommunicated once their legs have been treated.       Trial of the Sacred Bond:

  In this trial, aspiring priests, priestesses, and clerics are tested on their spiritual devotion, wisdom, and ability to forge a sacred bond with Chikyu and her followers. Candidates undergo intensive study and meditation to deepen their understanding of the Elema natural cycles, sacred rituals, and spiritual teachings of the church. They must demonstrate mastery of elema-related lore, herbalism, and healing practices. Candidates are guided through a series of meditative rituals and ceremonies to establish a direct connection with Chikyu, the nature goddess. They must attune their senses to the subtle energies of the land, communing with nature spirits, and receiving divine guidance and blessings.

In the final round, candidates are sent to a specific room with a variety of wildlife and plant life surrounding them. In the center of the room sits a tea set with a bronze flower and a packet of herbs. You begin your prayers by asking Chikyu to guide them on their journey to find their position in her church. Then you create herbal tea, which only church members know how to make correctly. Pour two glasses: one for Chikyu, one for the candidate. The candidate will then drink their tea and sit down to meditation till they receive visions and blessings from Chikyu as the tea warms within them and fell like it spreads to their whole body. Then they will hear Chikyu voice tell them in a pleasant way what her desires and what she will gift them with. After an hour, the monitor will return. They would know Chikyu has welcomed them because the second glass contains 3/4 drink.

Blessings the land has given us blessings we will get back

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The Leader Were the origin Druids. most people that are follower were famer grader most people who work with the land.
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