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Seaha (See Ha)

Seahawks is a main port city of the Kingdom of Mythfalls . This city is a place where tourists come from all parts of the world. It was not for the sight seeing, its great cuisine or even the pretty architected around the city. It is for what there are best known for throughout the kingdom and the rest of the world. They host throughout the year depending on the season great sea monster hunts. There are hunts for giant octopuses and water serpents just to name a few. This calls for a crowd and adventurous to this as the hunt provides money and experience for the Adventures. These hunts provide all types of material and food for That season.


Is mostly Wood Elf , Halfling , and Human . With people coming in out this city there number all type species with in the city.


They have the kingdom's guard which has both warriors and mages and is listed in the army. They also have a very strong naval presence.


Buildings are made out of concrete and are designed with Stand the sea air and harsh weather. They use light green, yellow, blue to panic their building. Lot of the building art design of the creature that a contour big mythological monster.


Shellway The place were you get your visiting or traveling paper


    The big reason for adventurous to come go to sign up for the great hunt. These hunts are available for the specific creatures after listening
  1. Hajim 13 to the Tsugi 14 for the Pirancat Fish are that's when the world but arrived at this point of the world. Are close to surface anY other part of the world. You need fishermen and adventure for this. They 20 feet of power and attack the boat and everything it can.
  2. Kerutonotto, 26 to the Hosin, 6are Giant Squid. Where is presently a large amount of the giant squids. The only thing that's as far as it is their mating season. We do have a regulation about how many of these can be killed and brought them in so once it's over the season will end. Even since before the season ends
  3. Barnso, 18 to the Hosin, 16 Gaint octopus. Is one of the most fearest popular one of the Great hunts. It was also one of the most finicky season. Sometimes there will be an octopus easy too fine and have a good fall and other seasons are very scarce. The most logical guess it just depend on how many survived the trip to this part of the world or hatch 
  4. Densetsu, 8 to the Chikara,7 Alvic Walker they live around the Nordic areas but come down around this time to eat fruit off of the Islands nearby and even off this continent causing some havoc so to make this and monitor their habits and keep they away from frams. So they're part of the hunt.
  5. Densetsu, 27 to the Chikara, 15 Sea Serpent. This Hunt is different because it actually has state after Awards. If you're able to capture and return them to the city and are willing to give it up over the owner ship they will pay you handsomely.
  6. Mugen, 23 to the Dayakana, 1 is a Crocrex. These large crocodiles mostly live up in the Nordic area of the ocean. But make their way down here for me to get to get two active there Progressive personalities are dangerous so they would put in the hunt immediately.
  7. Odayakaana, 7 to the Daburu, 29 have fun with Lusca. This lovely half shark half octopus are at the perfect time hunt. They are same to me a lot more active during this time or at least a little more visual.
  8. Owari, 23 to the Ganbarou, 35 is the sea hydra. This time of year good salad I'm just show up out of the blue. There have been no reason or evidence in that have been found. They do make a great client and long as you don't want to take him down it's been a successful year.
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