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Ionathar Angeleos

Ionathar Angeleos is the current King of Eleonis. He was born on the 16th of July in 1200 CE as the second child and only son of Eleothar Angeleos, at the time the Crown Prince of Eleonis, and his wife Ameada, who later became General of the Eleonian Army. He has an older sister, Eleona Angeleos, who is now the first ever female Knight of the Royal Guard and is newly married to Princess Mireanda Aorelis of Lupear.

His full name and title is His Majesty King Ionathar Angeleos of Eleonis, Lord of Angelor and Horn Valley, but he prefers to simply be called his name. A select few people get to call him by his nickname, Iona. When he is out and about as a commoner, which happens regularly, he usually goes by the alias of Ionas. Some people call him Pretty Boy to slight him, but recently, he's often referred to as the Young Lion due to his bravery on the battlefields of Angeleor.

With his angular, regal facial features, blonde hair and striking blue-green eyes, Ionathar bears a remarkable resemblance to his father and is considered very handsome. Due to his tall, slender build, he's often mistaken as weaker and less athletic than he is. Whenever he is not holding court, Ionathar prefers simple clothing, since it is much more comfortable and practical than the formal attire of a King.

He was crowned at the age of 13, after his father was brutally murdered by his uncle, making him the youngest person to ever be crowned. His first act as King was the banishment of Iohan Angeleos, his father's killer. He had hoped to never see his uncle again, but in the summer of 1217 CE, he learned from Zairah Lear that Iohan was gathering an army to attack the kingdom of Eleonis.

With the help of Zairah and his sister, he travelled to Soane, Iohan's residence, in an attempt to assassinate him before the attack could take place. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the attempt failed and Eleonis was attacked, once in the fall of 1217 CE, and once at the end of winter in 1218 CE. The first battle of Angeleor was easily won by the eleonian forces, but for the second one, Ionathar had to ally himself with the kingdoms Lupear and Aguilear to secure victory.

At only 17 years old, Ionathar proved himself a skilled swordsman and capable battle commander by leading his army to victory in two battles. He even ended the second battle of Angeleor by defeating Iohan, supposedly the best swordsman alive, in single combat, thus ending the War of the Lions and preventing an even higher amount of human casualties on all sides.

Ionathars skill as a swordsman previously wasn't common knowledge outside of castle of Angeleor, so it came as a surprise for many who fought beside him on the battlefield. Before the war, he was mainly known for his intellegence and his gentle, compassionate nature, which translated into an honest and, but also stern and decisive leadership style that has earned him some manner of respect.

Still, even after the war, Ionathar has to contend with hostility and disrespect, mainly from conservative Lords and military brass. Some continue to derogatorily call him Pretty Boy, insinuating that he is too weak and too gentle to rule a kingdom, and the promotion of Eleona Angeleos to the Royal Guard does not sit well with those who used to dispute Ameada Angeleos' position as General.

In addition to his frowned-upon respect toward people considered his inferior, particularly women, Ionathar's intimate relations are also frequently called into question. While non-heteronormative relationships are no longer a punishable crime in Eleonis, they're still seen as wrong by many, and whatever Ionathar's relationships are, they definitely can't be described as heteronormative.

For several years, Ionathar has been in an intimate relationship with Luceas Mearis, disgraced son of the Lord of the Evening Isles and, as of the end of the war, Knight of the Royal Guard. During his travels to Urtheon, Ionathar met Mireanda Aorelis. At first, he turned down her advances for Luceas, but he ended up married to her for political reasons. Still, their relationship quickly evolved beyond the necessities of marriage.

With Luceas and Mireanda consenting, the three of them are now in a well-functioning, healthy relationship. They are forced to keep this very private though, since this sort of relationship, especially when it includes two men, is considered downright scandalous.

Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
16th July 1200
Aligned Organization
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