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Ionathar Angeleos

His Majesty Ionathar Angeleos, King of Eleonis (a.k.a. Jon, Young Lion) (he/him)

Ionathar Angeleos, Jon for short, is the current King of Eleonis. By the common folk, he is nicknamed the Young Lion, since he was the youngest to ever be crowned King of Eleonis at just thirteen years old. He is known as intellegent, honest and fair, as well as being quite mature for his young age. He is a great swordsman, but he is more interested in art, music and literature. When he was younger, he used to spend all of his spare time to read books in the library of the castle of Angeleor. Jon is considered somewhat soft by some of the men in Eleonis, since he views a woman's opinion just as valuable as a man's, but those closest to him consider this a strength rather than a weakness.

After his father, King Eleothar Angeleos of Eleonis, was brutally murdered when Jon was thirteen, he became King. He banished his uncle Iohan, who had murdered Eleothar, which Jon witnessed. After that, his mind became filled with anger and hatred, but as long as he didn't have to think of Iohan, he was okay. It was only after he found out that Iohan was planning an attack on Eleonis and already conquering and assembling an army that it all came back to the surface, which made him especially determined to fix the situation, which he now blamed himself for.

Together with his sister Eleona, Zairah and later Mireanda, he tried to prevent the attack by confronting Iohan, which unfortunately didn't go too well, resulting in two attacks on Eleonis. The first attack was easily fought off by the eleonian army alone. The second attack was much more forceful, but Jon had made alliances with Aguilear and Lupear in the meantime, the ladder of which was sealed with his marriage to Princess Mireanda Aorelis of Lupear, to which Jon only agreed, after Mireanda had given her consent. In the final battle, he took the lead by challenging and defeating his uncle in single combat, thereby winning the war.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jon is a quite athletic, agile person, but he is currently nursing a bad leg injury he sustained during the Second Battle of the Angeleor Fields.

Body Features

He is relatively tall and doesn't look very muscular, but is deceptively strong.

Facial Features

His face is youthful with elegant, clear-cut features. He has a rather sharp jawline and a narrow, straight nose. He is often described as very handsome.

Identifying Characteristics

Most notable about his appearance is his honey-blond hair and his attentive, bright blue-green eyes, which can be quite intimidating, if he so chooses.

Physical quirks

For now, he has no notable physical quirks, but due to his leg injury, it is likely that he will not be able to fully bend the leg in the future and therefore always walk with a slight limp.

Special abilities

Jon is an excellent swordsman with a very elegant, quick and light-footed fighting style. He also has a beautiful singing voice and knows how to play the lute.

Apparel & Accessories

Jon usually dresses in a simple man's clothes, which he considers much more comfortable and practical than the formal clothing of a King.

Specialized Equipment

He always carries a dagger, which used to be Iohan's and was used to kill Jon's father. His favourite weapon to fight with is the longsword, and the sword that best works for him is the Sword of the Lion, a legendary Dragonsteel weapon which is part of the eleonian regalia. It was made to commemorate his great-great-great-grandfather Riarcos' bravery and sacrifice on the battlefield.

Mental characteristics




As Crown Prince and now as King Jon has always had access to all the education available in Angeleor. He used to spend a lot of his spare time in the library reading and learning a lot as well as studying things like music. He was also taught to fight from a very young age, but he was never really interested in this, until his father was brutally murdered.


After his father's death, he was crowned King of Eleonis at thirteen years old. Since then, he has risen to be a widely respected warrior and leader.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Due to his young age, he had to work hard to gain respect as a King among his people. Slowly, the people realized that he was an honourable, strong and just leader as well as being somewhat intimidated by his effortless air of authority and ability to always tell, if he was being lied to. After he single-handedly defeated Iohan in a duel to the death and ended the War of the Lions, his reputation became undeniable, which led to a great moment, where every one of his and his ally's soldiers knelt to him when he returned to the castle after the battle, a very rare gesture of the utmost respect.

Failures & Embarrassments

Despite his undeniably great achievements and good character, Jon himself still feels rather conflicted about some things. For one, even after winning the war, he still blames himself for starting the war, because he had Iohan banished instead of killed for his crime. His other major regret is that he wasn't able to prevent Iohan's attack on Eleonis. Because of that, he holds himself responsible for all who died during the war, starting when Iohan destroyed the Serbaith villages.

Mental Trauma

Most of his trauma stems from the night after his thirteenth birthday, when he saw how Iohan stabbed his father repeatedly. From that day on until he defeated Iohan for good, he was filled with anger and hatred directed at Iohan, leaving hardly any room for other feelings. This trauma was brought back into focus, when he saw his mother, the General of his army, fall on the battlefield.

Intellectual Characteristics

Jon is a very intellegent person, who enjoys learning all kinds of new things. He has the ability to tell if someone is lying to him as well as an very trustworthy gut instinct, which is quite useful to him as a leader. He is also very honest and straightforward, as he is not a fan of wasting words. He is known to be level-headed and measured in his words and actions most of the time.

Morality & Philosophy

He aspires to be kind and fair to everyone and to never judge anyone based on their looks, heritage or gender but instead based on their skills, actions and intentions.

Personality Characteristics


Until recently, his main motivation was to right a wrong he blames himself for by fighting and defeating Iohan so he wouldn't cause any more harm. Now, after that is done, he has to find a new motivation, but since he now has a pregnant wife, that should not be too difficult.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Jon has a high level of emotional intellegence, which enables him to know whether someone is telling the truth as well as making him able to always trust his gut when it comes to decisions regarding other people. However, when it comes to his own thoughts and emotions, he is clueless.

Likes & Dislikes

He is very good at fighting and leading, but he doesn't particularly enjoy it. If he had more of a choice, he'd likely be a student or a musician, since he likes music and learning much better.

Virtues & Personality perks

Jon is very honest, almost to the point of brutally so, which is why he values honesty in other people too. He is also known to be an honourable, fair and humble person with little prejudice as well as a great leader.

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite this, Jon has a tendency to beat himself up about things he couldn't have changed and mistakes he may or may not have made. Two of these things are that he wasn't able to save his father and that he exiled Iohan instead of having him executed. Also, while he is usually quite level-headed, he sometimes lets his emotions get the better of him, which leads him to make impulsive, potentially dangerous choices, and that doesn't always go well.



He was crowned in 1213 and has made a name for himself not only as the youngest ever King of Eleonis but also as a strong warrior during the Battles of the Angeleor Fields. As of right now, nobody knows how long his reign will last.

Contacts & Relations

He keeps up decent diplomatic relationships with his neighbouring Kings and Queen and the Lords of the other three lordships of Eleonis a much as possible.

Family Ties

Since his parents are both dead, his family is limited to his wife, sister and two distant aunts, neither of which are married or have children.

Religious Views

Like most of the eleonian population, Jon believes in the Faith of the four Elements.

Social Aptitude

He is a very well mannered person who is capable of adjusting his mannerisms acoording to the situation he's in. Generally, he's quite confident in himself, but not overly so. This is one of the reasons he's able to be on speaking terms with nearly everyone.


Whenever he wears a sword or dagger on his belt, he has the habit of resting his left hand losely on the hilt in a non-threatening way.

Hobbies & Pets

In his spare time, Jon likes to sing and play the lute, although he didn't have the time or peace to do in a while.


He has a beautiful singing voice, which also translates into his way of speaking. His voice can have a soothing quality to it while also being able to carry across a room effortlessly. He is able to find just the tone of voice and type of language to get his point across exactly the way he wants it to in nearly any given situation, but he normally doesn't use this ability for manipulation. He rarely swears, so if he does, it carries quite a bit of weight.

Wealth & Financial state

As King and member of an old, wealthy noble family known for their down-to-earth lifestyle, he has quite a fortune at his disposal, and even though wars are expensive, he still is in a comfortable situation financially.
Current Status
Injured and resting after winning the War of the Lions.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Jon is King of Eleonis and, technically, Lord of Angeleor.
Date of Birth
16th July 1200
Current Residence
bright, blue-green-ish
straight, thick, honey-blond
183 cm
Faith of the Four Elements
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations

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