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Eleonis is one of the four kingdoms of Leanor. It is located on the west coast between the Western Sea and the Wall in the east and between the Silver Mountains up north and the Silver Sea to the south. The coastal towns are mostly populated by fishermen and merchants, while the inland settlements are mostly home to farmers. In the Silver Mountains, there are mines in which silver and iron ore are mined. As a result, these mountains are home to miners as well as smiths, who make the iron from the mines into Dragonsteel. Eleonian blacksmiths are known to be some of the best there are.

Eleonis was the first territory in Leanor to become a kingdom in 612 CE. Prior to this, the territory was split into five lordships. Four of those old noble houses still exist to this day. Throughout the centuries, the reign of Eleonis has been in the hands of each house at least once. The changes have had all manner of different reasons and have more often than not been carried out through military altercations. The most recent happened, when the previous king and his only heir were killed during the Great War, which wiped out their house entirely. After this, the remaining four houses came together and decided to appoint kingship to the House Angeleos. The current King is Ionathar Angeleos of Eleonis.

Eleonis is generally considered a rather wealthy and prosperous Kingdom with a well-functioning trade and economy, to no small part due to the great reputation of weapons made from Dragonsteel in the forges of the Silver Mountains, which are considered major status symbols all over Leanor and beyond. Another one of these status symbols around the known world is eleonian silver and the artpieces made from it. The most common religion in Eleonis is the Faith of the Four Elements, which believes in nature spirits within everything, which are lead by the spirits of the four Elements.

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