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Captain of the Royal Guard

The Captain of the King's Guard is the leader of the King's Guard and personal protector and advisor to the King.


Just like any other knight of the King's Guard, its Captain should one of, if not the best and most well-trained knight in all of Eleonis.


Being Captain of the King's Guard requires both physical and mental skill as well as experience in leadership and fighting, so the Captain should be an intellegent and strong person with unwavering loyalty to the Crown. Because of that, the post is usually given to one of the older knights of the King's Guard.


The Captain is appointed by the King himself. They often used to be a high-ranking officer in the eleonian army of another kinght in the King's Guard before being appointed its Captain.


The King's Guard in general is tasked with the safety of the King and his family, and its Captain especially so. The Captain's first and most important responsibility is the safety of the King specifically. They are both protector and advisor to the King.

Royalty, Military
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The King's Guard is hand-picked by the King and so is its Captain.
Length of Term
There is no minimum or maximum length of term, so this is determined by the King.
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