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Royal Guard of Eleonis

The Royal Guard of Eleonis is a group of six knights sworn to protect the King or Queen of Eleonis and their family. It was founded by the first King of Eleonis soon after the founding of the kingdom. Its members are arguably the most well-trained knights in all of Eleonis and often descended from the noble Houses of Eleonis.

The Guard is commanded by the Captain of the Royal Guard, who takes commands directly from the King. While the other Guards are there to ensure the safety of the royal family, the Captains main responsibility is the King himself. The five other Knights of the Royal Guard take orders mostly from the Captain, but a direct order from the King overrides any order by the Captain.

The members of the Royal Guard are appointed by the King personally. Upon joining the Guard, Knights vow not to marry and not to hold any lands or titles aside from their rank as a Knight of the Royal Guard. A position on the Guard is considered a great honour, and many knights train their entire life to be able to be chosen for one. If the King has brothers, it is common for them to become either officers in the army or Knights of the Royal Guard.

Until very recently, the Royal Guard was known as the King's Guard. The name was changed when Ionathar Angeleos, the current King of Eleonis, changed the laws of inheritance. As the law now states that the throne passes to the first-born child rather than the first-born son of the ruler, a change in the name of the King's Guard was in order as well. Historically, the six positions on the Royal Guard have always been filled with men. There is not technically any rule that prohibits women from joining, but in reality, none have been chosen, though a few came close.

In Eleonis, it is possible for women of nobility to join the military, where they sometimes take leading positions. Even so, the first woman to become General of the Eleonian Army was Ameada Angeleos, the current King's mother. The first ever female Knight of the Royal Guard is Eleona Angeleos, the King's sister, who joined the Guard immediately after the War of the Lions was won.

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