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Knight of the Royal Guard

The Royal Guard of Eleonis is a group of six Knights. The duty of a Knight of the Royal Guard is to protect and advise the ruler of Eleonis and the royal family. Knights of the Royal Guard are required to be able to fight well enough to fend off all kinds of attacks. A knighthood is also required to get a position on the Royal Guard, though throughout history many men have been knighted by a King in order to then join the Royal Guard. During the course of eleonian history, many great men have served as Knights of the King's Guard, the name by which the Royal Guard was known until recently.

In order to join the Royal Guard, the Knights have to take an oath. In it, they don't just swear to protect the King or Queen and to advise them, they also swear not to marry and not to hold any lands and titles aside from their rank as Knight of the Royal Guard for the duration of their service. The Royal Guard is led by a Captain, a position usually taken up by the most experienced Knight on the Guard.

Being a Royal Guard is considered a position of great honour, though the perception of this can change depending on the ruling King's reputation. Whether the ruling King is good at his job or incompetent directly affects the perception of any Knight of the Royal Guard. Despite the honour and glory associated with the job, serving as a Royal Guard is rather dangerous. Historically, they often did not grow very old. During the many changes in rulership over Eleonis throughout its history, many Knights of past King's Guards were killed or wounded too badly to be able to serve.

There are, of course, other ways to end service as a Royal Guard besides death or injury. Any Knight of the Royal Guard may be discharged from their duty by the King at any time. It is quite common for newly crowned Kings to replace at least part of the Royal Guard. Other than that, Royal Guards are usually only discharged if they did not serve their King properly. It is also possible for a Royal Guard to request their own dismissal, which most commonly happens due to old age.

Nobility, Military
Source of Authority
Knights of the Royal Guard are appointed by the King or Queen
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