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I am a student of musicology who likes and has always liked to write stories in her spare time. One of the main characters of my current project, Ionathar Angeleos, then named Jonathan, has been around since I was about six years old, back when I was the biggest fan of dinosaurs and knights, but in the seventeen-ish years between then and now, much has obviously changed about the character and his world.

Aside from writing, my interests include mainly music, both making and listening to it. I've sung in several choirs over the years and play the flute as well as some very basic tin whistle, guitar and piano. As for listening, I like rock and metal as well as "classical" music, although I am not a big fan of viennese classicism (Haydn, Mozart, etc.). Those I like for writing, because they don't require much concentration to listen to.

I also like reading and watching movies and TV shows, particularly those in vaguely fantasy or sci-fi-related genres. I'm also interested in many a thing related to the european middle ages, I have dabbled into historical swordfighting and renaissance dance and enjoy consuming content related to historical living and crafting.