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Angeleor is the current capital of Eleonis and residence of House Angeleos, the current ruling family in Eleonis. It is located in the middle of the eleonian territory on the shores of the river Vadion.


The inhabitants of Angeleor are mostly merchants, craftspeople and wealthy families as well as those of the regent's employees who don't live in the castle.


Since the city of Angeleor is also the main settlement of the lordship of the same name, which is run by House Angeleos, the ruler is also the Lord or Lady of Angeleor, making them also the city's leader. The city government is consequentially currently the same as Eleonis'.


Angeleor is surrounded by a large, strong city wall with watchtowers spaced evenly around it. The city is also the place where the bulk of the eleonian army is stationed. There are two main city gates, one in the north and one in the south. The two points where the river Vadion enters and exits the city are also fortified by basically a part of the city wall with several tunnels to allow the water to flow through with a little obstruction as possible. In the centre of the river on each side to allow boats and small ships to pass in and out of the city. The size of these is limited by the dimensions of the three bridges.


The city is seperated into two sections of roughly the same size on the northern and southern shore of the Vadion. In the centre, there is a large natural island in the river, upon which the castle of Angeleor was built, causing the city to develop around it. The two halves are connected to the castle and to each other by a large stone bridge, nowadays known as the Riarcos Bridge, which connects to the castle island on its western corner. Two more bridges cross the river within the city walls. The roads across those bridges function as the three main north-south streets, and each of the halves of the city has one main east-west road.


Angeleor can be seen as a city of three districts, the castle island, the north city and the south city.

The Castle Island

The first and oldest is the castle island, which is, as the name suggests, mostly occupied by the castle of Angeleor, residence of House Angeleos, Lords of Angeleor and current rulers of Eleonis. Its oldest and most impressive structure is the keep, a multi-storied, fortified building towering over the castle walls next to the giant King's Oak located in its courtyard. It functions as home to the royal family and houses the throne room and as well as the dungeons. The castle is surrounded by its own walls, even though technically it doesn't need them anymore because of the city around, which is surruonded by large city walls.

The North City

The north city is generally considered the poorer part of town, even though the inhabitants of the north city are still enjoying a decent standard of living, and is home mostly to craftspeople and soldiers' families. It also houses the city's primary school, which all angelean children are to attend. Its most well-known building is the Riarcos-Bridge Inn, a tavern located at the Riarcos Bridge, which is famous and popular mainly among eleonian soldiers and the richer folk from the south city for its excellent food and usually quite lively crowds.

The South City

The south city is the district, where rich and influential families and merchants live. It is known for its generally more elaborate architecture and for its markets, where people from all over the world come to buy and sell all sorts of goods, including items from eleonian silver and Dragonsteel, which are widely considered prestigous status symbols.


Angeleor was founded by a noble family who settled on the castle island a long time ago. First the castle grew, and soon after the city of Angeleor started to grow. It has since developed into an important centre of trade and culture. Since the founding of the kingdom of Eleonis, House Angeleos has held the title of ruler of Eleonis twice, once a long time ago as a result of an internal conflict within Eleonis, and now after they were appointed ruler after the Great War.

Points of interest

Those visiting Angeleor are often most impressed by the stunning architecture of the south city as well as the castle, which has an ancient, majestic feel to it. Another must when visiting Angeleor is the Riarcos-Bridge Inn.


The normal city buildings are timber-framed town houses. The houses of the richer population are built from the light grey stone available locally, with plastered and painted facades. On the walls around the city and the castle, the stone is left raw. Generally, the architecture evolved with the times, so the castle as the oldest and largest building by far seems ancient and majestic in comparison to most of the town houses.

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