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Nicoleas Aorelis

His Royal Highness Nicoleas Aorelis, Crown Prince of Lupear

Nicoleas Aorelis is the Crown Prince of Lupear.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Nicoleas was born in 1196 CE as the first and only son of King Thameos Aorelis of Lupear. When he was just under four years old, his mother died giving birth to his sister Mireanda. Nicoleas realized early that he as a boy, a prince and heir to the lupean Throne could get away with just about anything, something that his father encouraged rather than reminding his son of his responsibilities. Thameos blamed Mireanda for his wife's death, and so did Nicoleas, since it was what he learned from his father.

As he got older, he did realize that it wasn't Mireanda's fault, but he kept treating her like a lesser human being out of habit. He also started to develop a strong sexual interest in girls, so he began trying to flirt with them, which he, with time, became quite good at, no doubt with the help of his handsomeness and the fact that he was the Crown Prince. At this point, he's known to most Aorelians as a notorious heartbreaker, and even beyond the city, his reputation as such is relatively known throughout Lupear.

Aside from his "adventures", he also recieved military training. Ever since the start of Iohan's conquests east of Lupear in 1213 CE, Thameos installed a border patrol on all lupean borders, a duty on which Nicoleas often went together with three of his friends. In 1217 CE, he stumbled across Ionathar, Eleona and Zairah near the Wall. Not knowing their true identities and purpose, he decided to take them to Aorelia to let his father decide their fate. Unlike what he had expected, his father didn't have the intruders incarcerated, but allowed them to walk freely about the city.

After a few days, Thameos decided to let them continue their journey and had Nicoleas and a soldier accompany them to the lupean border to make sure that they were going where they said. Mireanda ended up joining them as well, which Nicoleas found especially annoying. Nicoleas and the soldier returned to Aorelia after leaving the others at the border, while Mireanda stayed with the travellers. His father was not happy about Nicoleas leaving her with them, but there was hardly anything he could do. A few months later, Mireanda returned to Aorelia, and Nicoleas hardly recognized her in men's clothes and looking stronger than ever.

Only two weeks later, Ionathar came to Aorelia under his true identity to broker an alliance with Lupear for the battle against Iohan. At that point, Nicoleas realized that both his father and Mireanda had known about it. He'd already been annoyed by Ionathar's oh-so-perfect demeanor, and now that he found out that the guy also outranked him, he liked him even less. When his father offered Ionathar Mireanda's hand in marriage, Nicoleas was stunned and, to his own surprise, felt somewhat protective of his sister, but Mireanda readily agreed to marry Ionathar, so there was nothing he could do. In early 1218 CE, he had no choice but to follow his father to Angeleor to fight in the second Battle of the Angeleor Fields. They both survived the battle relatively unscathed and will soon return to Aorelia.

Current Location
Date of Birth
August 22nd, 1196 CE
Year of Birth
1196 CE 22 Years old
Current Residence
dark, wavy
Aligned Organization
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