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Eleona Angeleos

Eleona Angeleos, Princess of Eleonis (a.k.a. Lona)

Eleona, a.k.a. Lona is the older sister of Ionathar and has, unlike her brother, always wanted to be a fighter, but was taught basically everything that wasn't fighting, including several traits of craft, such as sewing, leatherwork and woodworking, under the pretense of her, as a girl, not being old enough to start learning, which she never understood. As a result, she kept secretly practicing on her own and with Jon, after he found out. Once in training, she fell and hit her head on a wooden beam, which resulted in her having a vertical scar over her right eye.   For her, things changed, when her father was killed. Then, her mother started really teaching her to fight and she quickly became excellent with almost every weapon imaginable, the only thing she struggles with is archery. Her excelling at basically everything resulted in her becoming very confident, arrogant in some instances. She is also quite intellegent, curious and adventurous.   She has always had a defiant spirit and spoke her mind and, during her teenage years, became quite sarcastic. She was never a fan of the rule that the regent of Eleonis could only be female, if there was absolutely no male heir was to be found, but despite that she always was loyal to her brother, partly because his new anger scared even her, who isn't easily scared. Since she is quite beautiful, many men have been trying to hit on her, but since she is asexual and aromantic, she always shuts them down snarkily. She teasingly threatens the most obnoxious ones for sport sometimes, which usually makes them leave.   When Jon decided to set out to prevent Iohan's attack, she was the first to sign up and in the two battles that ensued, she fought on the front lines with her brother. After their mother fell in the final battle, Jon promoted her to General of his royal army.
Current Status
On her way to defeat her evil uncle
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
24th March, 1198 CE
Current Residence
icy blue
long, blond, straight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale skin
179 cm


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