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Zairah Lear

Zairah Lear

Zairah is a huntress from Roana, a serbaith village in the Dragon's Ridge in the free country of Baitha. She is an intellegent woman and an excellent archer who can move through the woods silently with ease and has the astounding ability to remember every path she ever used. Most of these skills she learned from her father, who taught her everything he knew about hunting, tracking and nature in general from a young age.

On the morning of her 16th birthday, a raiding party led by Iohan destroyed her home and captured or killed everyone in the village except her and her friend Antheos, who had been out hunting early. Among the dead was Zairah's younger sister Arthea, causing Zairah to vow revenge on whoever did it, which she did not know at the time.

Together with Antheos, she went to Baitha's largest city, Lathear, because they assumed that the people who raided their village would return in the following spring to attack Baitha as a whole. They formed a resistance movement called the Dragons, and when Iohan's armies returned, they put up a fight but lost. Zairah and Antheos were captured and brought to Soane, Urtheon's capital. Antheos betrayed her and switched to Iohan's side.

A few terrible years later, in which she experienced a lot of (mostly) physical abuse, Milnor, Crown Prince of Urtheon, helped her escape and sent her to Angeleor to talk to Ionathar about Iohan's plans. There, she joined Jon and Lona on their journey. After they returned, she went back to Baitha to secretly reform the Dragons and join Eleonis in the final battle against Iohan. There, she met Crown Princess Ilea of Aguilear, who became Queen, when her father died in the battlefield. The two women fell in love and Zairah decided to become the new leader of Ilea's royal guard.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Zairah is quite tall and lean, yet relatively muscular, definitely not the damsel-in-distress-type of woman.

Facial Features

She has an elegant, lean face with a slim, slightly hooked nose and piercing near-black eyes, surrounded by very dark, curly hair.

Special abilities

As a huntress, she has great skills of hunting and tracking. She also remembers any place she's ever been to in great detail, allowing her to always find her way around places quickly.

Apparel & Accessories

She wears her hair the serbaith way in a long braid down her back and dresses in simple men's clothing, as is customary for all female serbaith hunters. Ever since her sister's death, she wears a necklace with a dragon pendant carved from dark wood.

Specialized Equipment

Like most of her fellow hunters, Zairah is a very skilled archer, so she always carries her hunting bow and arrows with green fletching, a great honour in the serbaith culture, which she earned by being initiated into the hunter's guild at home as one of the youngest ever at just under thirteen years old.

Mental characteristics




Zairah learned some basic reading and writing as a child, but most of her childhood was spent learning how to hunt from her father and the other hunters.


Getting from a young serbaith huntress to General of the aguilean royal guard took a long time and involved a lot of different stations, such as the girl who lost everything, the Black Dragon, imprisonment and abuse, her part in the defeat of Iohan and, in the end, assuming her position as Black Dragon once again. The final step to General was her falling in love with the new Queen of Aguilear, Ilea Meados, who appointed her General after the previous General had died in the Second Battle of the Angeleor Fields.

Accomplishments & Achievements

One of her greatest achievements was her First Stag celebration, when she was accepted into the ranks of the serbaith hunters. She also managed to rally people to her cause, founding the Dragons fir the first time. Her participation was also vital to the defeat of Iohan.

Failures & Embarrassments

She still blames herself for being unable to save her sister and her village. She also considers their defeat at the Siege of Lathear a personal failure, just like being unable to escape Soane on her own.

Mental Trauma

Zairah has had her share of traumatic experiences throughout her life. Her mother died of a fever when she was very young, but she was able to cope with that quite well. The destruction of her home and, later, the sacking of Lathear at the hands of Iohan and his men left her scarred mentally and physically and filled her with a lot of anger and resentment, which didn't get any better when she was imprisoned in a small, dark chamber and repeatedly assaulted and abused.

Intellectual Characteristics

Zairah would not be considered an intellectual in a scholarly sort of way, but she has a lot of know-how when it comes to survival in nature and knowing your enemy.

Personality Characteristics


Ever since Iohan attacked her home village, Zairah desired to see him brought to justice by any means necessary. After she was captured, imprisoned and abused by Iohan and his men, now including her former friend Antheos, her desire for revenge became even more personal. Now that this is done, she is figuring out her new purpose in life.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She knows many things about surviving in nature, such as how to treat different animals and which plants to eat or stay away from, but when it comes to interacting with people, she feels insecure and out of place.

Virtues & Personality perks

She is a straight-forward, honest person with good intentions at heart, which she would do anything, within reason, to achieve.

Vices & Personality flaws

She tends to let emotions like anger bottle up inside her and then break out all at once, which has mixed results. She is generally not great at social interactions.


Family Ties

She has no blood-relatives left but considers Eleona, Mireanda and Jon her sisters and brother.

Social Aptitude

As a massive introvert, she feels deeply uncomfortable in social situations and would much rather be alone. Despite that, she can be quite inspiring to people.


For a woman, she has quite the low-pitched voice and is usually quite soft-spoken, a habit she picked up from the hunt. Since the Serbaith were quite secluded from the surrounding world since the times of old Acadea, their dialect is still a little bit closer to old Acadean, though not so much so that it would be hard to understand for people of other regions.

Current Status
Newly appointed General of the aguilean royal guard.
Date of Birth
13th October 1197 CE
Year of Birth
1197 CE 21 Years old
Roana, Dragon's Ridge
nearly black
black, coily, long
180 cm
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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