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Iohan Angeleos

Iohan is the younger brother of former King Eleothar Angeleos of Eleonis. As the second in line, his life was largely impacted by envy of his older brother, who used to be their parent's golden child. Iohan's hatred only grew, when the woman he had fallen for fell in love with his brother and ended up marrying Eleothar instead of him. She also ended up becoming general of the royal army, a position Iohan had had his eyes on for a long time.

Because of his loathing, he became consumed by the idea that he was the rightful King. He carefully planned his revenge over years, during which Eleothar and his wife Ameada had two children, Eleona and Ionathar. The night after Ionathar's 13th birthday, Iohan attempted to murder the entire family, but only killed his brother, before being tricked and imprisoned. The next morning, he was banished from Eleonis, with his title of Prince and his family name revoked. As a result, he went to Urtheon, a impoverished kingdom that held an old grudge against Eleonis. From there, unbeknownst to Ionathar he gathered an army and invaded the free countries in eastern Leanor.

He encountered an unpleasant surprise, when one day, Ionathar appeared at his doorstep. Iohan was injured during this encounter, but as soon as he was back on his feet, he moved to attack Eleonis, where his first attack was beaten back. He then gathered a much larger force and attacked again, but this time Ionathar had allied with Lupear and Aguilear. Ionathar challenged him to single combat, which Iohan expected to win, but he was killed in it.

Iohan was a proud, envious and arrogant man, who some would consider somewhat megalomaniacal. He struggeled with building and maintaining a reputation for himself for his entire life, since, even as a child, many doubted he even was his father's child, since with his hazel eyes, relatively dark hair and shorter stature, he didn't quite fit the characteristic look of the generally rather tall members of the Angeleos family with their light hair and eyes. The one thing nobody questioned about him was his undeniable skill with the sword, making him one of the best swordsmen of his generation.

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