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Second Battle of the Angeleor Fields

The second battle of the Angeleor Fields took place in February of 1218 on the fields north of the city of Angeleor. Prior to this battle, Iohan's smaller attacking force had been defeated there in late October of 1217 by the eleonian army. Over the winter, both sides worked on allying themselves with other armies. While Iohan made use of his annexed territory's people, Ionathar made an alliance with Lupear and Aguilear, Eleonis' neighbouring kingdoms, who had been its allies several times before during their history. As soon as the snow in the Silver Mountains melted enough for his army to get through due to warm air coming from the south-west across the Western Sea, Iohan marched on Angeleor.

Ionathar's allies and a group of Baithan warriors, led by the Zairah, the Black Dragon, hurried to Angeleor to aid in its defense. The two armies clashed in the early morning of February 1st and a bloody battle in the snow ensued. When Iohan and Ionathar, the opposing leaders, came face to face on the battlefield, the fighting miraculously came to a halt. In an attempt to avoid further bloodshed, Jon challenged his uncle to single combat, which would decide the outcome of the war. Iohan, greatly underestimating his nephew's skills as a swordsman, agreed.

Their duel was later described by many as spectacular to behold, since both opponents are are considered very skilled swordsmen. Even though Jon had looked like he could barely even stand anymore before the duel due to a bad injury to his knee, the two were nearly matched in skill. Eventually, after Iohan's anger caused him to be sloppy and make mistakes, Jon injured and disarmed him. In a final, futile attempt, Iohan went for one last attack with a dagger, but Jon ended up killing him with the dagger Iohan had used to murder his brother Eleothar. Thereby, Jon won the duel and the War of the Lions.
Conflict Type
Start Date
1st February 1218

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