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The Wall

The Wall is a mountain range located between Eleonis and Aguilear to its west and Lupear to the east. It is known for its steep, tall mountains and its highest summits make up the borderline between the lands to its sides. It also isn't very wide as it takes a maximum of two day's journeys on horseback across in most places other than its northernmost point, which kind of wraps around the northern shore of the Lupean Sea.

Due to its tall, steep, narrow appearance, it was nicknamed the Wall by those living there, and the nickname remained, while the original name, the Wolf Mountains, fell out of use and is nowadays only still found in very old texts and maps. At its northern tip, there is a particularly tall and narrow peak known as the Horn or the Spike, the names are both used interchangably. It is the tallest summit in all of Leanor and many people have tried and failed to climb it. Only a hand full of people have ever succeeded and lived to tell the tale.

The borderline along the ridge of the Wall is one of the few borders of Leanor that hasn't changed even once throughout its history. There are large resources of iron ore and other natural materials found within, as well as some scattered bits of gold. As a result, the ground is riddled by mines and tunnels, presumably connecting Eleonis, Lupear and Anguilear and thereby making it possible to travel between these countries underground. But, unless you really know your way, you shouldn't try that.
Alternative Name(s)
Wolf Mountains (archaic)
Mountain Range
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