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Ilea Meados

Her Majesty Ilea Meados, Queen of Aguilear (she/her)

Ilea Meados is the new Queen of the Kingdom of Aguilear.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ilea was born in the Eagle's Nest as the third child and only daughter of King Maorcas of Aguilear and is his only remaining child. Her younger brother died at a young age from an illness, her mother and two other brothers were lost at sea when their ship went down in a storm in the Western Sea in 1212 CE. Since her father had no brothers or other close male relatives, Ilea was named heir to the throne.

In her father's mind, it would be her husband who would eventually rule in her place. At the age of nineteen, her father arranged for her to marry a son of a wealthy Lord, which she did, but her heart was never in it, especially since she had never been interested in men in that way. During the five years of their marriage, she gave birth to two children, a boy and a girl. At that time, she also tried again and again to apply to the University of Meador to study but was rejected every time simply for being female.

In 1217 CE, Ionathar Angeleos came to Meador to ask for her father's alliance in the War of the Lions, which Maorcas agreed to after a short negotiation. In early 1218 CE, Ilea accompanied her father and the army to Angeleor to aid Eleonis against Iohan's forces. During the Second Battle of the Angeleor Fields, Maorcas and her husband were killed, so Ilea became Queen of Aguilear, though her coronation and thus her official instatement as such has not happened as of right now. She continued her father's alliance to Eleonis.

In Angeleor, Ilea also met the huntress Zairah and fell not only for her beauty, but for her skill in leadership and at arms and her attitude towards people, especially those who bothered her. They fell in love soon, and when Ilea became Queen and needed a few new people for her Royal Guard, she asked Zairah to come to Meador with her, which Zairah readily agreed to.

Current Location
Date of Birth
September 23rd, 1192 CE
Year of Birth
1192 CE 26 Years old
Eagle's Nest
Current Residence
Eagle's Nest
shoulder-length, wavy, ginger
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale with many freckles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Ruled Locations

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