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Women in the eleonian Military

In Eleonis, it is quite common for the women of nobility to be instructed in the art of war, if they so choose. Some of the women who choose this, will go on to join either a Lord's armed forces or the eleonian army and take up ranks, even leading ones occasionally. While some of the men, even after centuries, still think this a strange custom, high-born women in the military are usually still respected.

With low-born women it is a different story unfortunately. In the rare occasion of a peasant woman joining the army, she is usually ridiculed and denied any chance of promotion above a certain level. The only things that help there are either to make connections to well-meaning officials or to be really, really good at everything, preferably both. But even that sometimes isn't helping. The most notable low-born woman in recent memory to make it all the way to the top is Ameada Angeleos, who came to the army as an orphan girl.


It isn't entirely clear, where the tradition of instructing eleonian noblewomen in the art of war came from. It is older than the Kingdom of Eleonis, but in this form unique to the region. It most likely originates in the time of the many battles over the Evening Isles, a time in which the Lords of the region were constantly short on men to fight their battles. As a last resort initially, the Lords turned to their women. Realizing that it wasn't that bad of an idea, they just stuck with it to this day.

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