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Ameada Angeleos

General Ameada Angeleos

Ameada Angeleos is best known as the General of the eleonian army during the War of the Lions. She is also the mother of Eleona and Ionathar and the former Queen of Eleonis.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

When Ameada came to the castle of Angeleor, she was a skinny young girl, but with training, she soon developed into a strong, athletic young woman and an excellent fighter. With exercise, she maintained her good physical condition until the untimely end of her life.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ameada was born in the year 1181 CE somewhere in or near Angeleor. As she was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in the North City of Angeleor, nobody knows who or where her parents are and when exactly she was born. She was raised in that same orphanage, which was led by an unfriendly old woman the children just called the Old One until she was fifteen years old. She was always unhappy about the role she supposedly had to assume as a girl and always much rather wanted to be a soldier.

It is customary for the eleonian King to visit the orphanages of the country to pick a few children, ususally boys, to come to the castle and train to be soldiers, and in 1196 CE, the year Ameada turned fifteen, the current King, for the first time in a long while, chose a girl. Thus, Ameada moved to the castle for training. The recruits were instructed by Calain, the General of the army at the time, and the two princes, Eleothar and Iohan.

Eleothar was eightteen at the time, Iohan was Ameada's age. Both of them fell for her, but while Iohan just wanted the one thing and secretly thought it stupid to let a girl become a soldier, Eleothar was very supportive of her and didn't push anything else. As a result, Ameada was rather irritated and appalled by Iohan, while she soon became friends with Eleothar. After a while, their friendship grew into something more, and roughly a year after their first meeting, Eleothar and Ameada got married.

In the following years, Ameada gave birth to two children, Eleona and Ionathar. The year Ionathar was born, the King and Queen both died from the Fever and Eleothar became King of Eleonis. In the years after his coronation, Ameada rose through the ranks of the army and was eventually promoted to General. When Eleothar was murdered by his brother in 1213 CE and Ionathar became King and banished Iohan for his crimes, she started to train both her son and daughter to fight, fearing that Iohan wold return to take revenge, which he evetually did. Ameada died in the second Battle of the Angeleor Fields leading the eleonian forces against Iohan.

Gender Identity

While she proudly identifies as a woman, she has never agreed with the role women were expected to take.


In her early years, she was mainly taught things she might need to know to do as a kitchen maid, handmaiden or housekeeper, which mostly included cooking, cleaning, washing, needlework and things of that nature, which she always hated. Later, she became a soldier and learned how to use many different kinds of weapons and became quite good at it quite quickly. Eleothar taught her to read and write, but she usually leaves the paperwork to others.

Accomplishments & Achievements

It is quite common for eleonian noblewomen to be instructed in the military arts and to also take positions in the army, even leading ones on occasion, but a woman like Ameada, who isn't high-born, it is quite extraordinary to be accepted for training in the first place, and to become General of the eleonian Army, the highest rank other than the King himself, can easily be considered Ameada's greatest achievement.

Failures & Embarrassments

There are, however, those who never fully accepted her authority or claimed that it was only her husband's doing that made her successful, rather than her own hard work. No matter what great deeds she accomplished, those people never saw her for what she could do and never thought she deserved her position as General. While here clearly those men are at fault there, Ameada always saw this as something she failed to prove beyond dispute.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ameada is rather outspoken and direct, though a little sarcastic at times. While she is quite eloquent, she usually prefers the hands-on approach. If Ameada Angeleos doesn't like someone, chances are that they'll know sooner than later. She can be a little impulsive, but usually she uses her wits rather than her strength to resolve situations.

Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Date of Birth
1181 CE, unknown date
Date of Death
February 1st, 1218 CE
1181 CE 1218 CE 37 years old
Circumstances of Death
Death during the second Battle of the Angeleor Fields
unknown, likely in or around Angeleor
Place of Death
Angeleor Fields
long, light brown, wavy


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