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The Fever

The disease known simply as the Fever is a common viral infection that is known all over Leanor. Those who get the Fever are considered quite unlucky, because it is a frequent cause of death, and having the Fever is in many cases a very unpleasant experience either way.

Transmission & Vectors

From all that's known about the Fever, it's most likely an airborne virus, since covering your mouth and nose with a piece of cloth around the infected has proven effective against being infected yourself. Generally it appears to only become contagious after symptoms are seen in the affected.


The symptoms of the Fever are not unlike those of a common cold. In the first one or two days, patients present with vicious headaches and slightly raised temperatures, often making them rather irritable and unfocused. Soon after that, an infected person will in many cases start feeling weak and fatigued.

The headaches stay during the course of the illness and the temperatures of the patients will become dangerously high. During this stage, people tend to be barely able to walk a few steps without taking a break, sweat a lot and lose their appetite. At this stage, patients might start having fever dreams and fantasizing. This state will remain for about three days, in which patients either die because of the high fever or start feeling better.

In the few days after this, they will most likely still feel rather weak and have little to no appetite, but the headaches and the fever subside. The entire illness, if you survive it, takes about seven days, after which you should feel mostly back to normal.


One of the most important things to subdue the Fever is to drink a lot of water and herbal tea and to rest. Other things used to help include honey, garlic or onions and cold leg compresses. Other than that, not much can be done against the disease, so if none of this seems to help, you can only hope and pray, and either you make it or you don't.


There aren't any long-term effects known to date.


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