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House Angeleos

House Angeleos is one of the five old noble families in Eleonis who joined their smaller Lordships in 612 CE to form the Kingdom of Eleonis. They are currently the reigning family of the Kingdom and have been since the end of the Great Warin 1115 CE and are thereby the family with the longest consecutive reign in the history of the Kingdom of Eleonis.

They held regality once before in the early days of the Kingdom but hadn't since. Only after the previous royal family was wiped out entirely in the Great War was it decided by the remaining four Lords that House Angeleos should hold the Crown. This decision was surely influenced by the recent impression of heroism by Lord and General Riarcos Angeleos, who ended the Great War by single combat with the Conquerer from the North. Riarcos himself died from his injuries soon after the war, but his heir was appointed the new King of Eleonis.

House Angeleos is one of the wealthier noble houses in not only Eleonis but all of Leanor. This is mainly due to their advantageous geographic position on the river Vadion, which is one of the most important trade routes from the Silver Sea into Leanor. They have also always been careful to keep up a working trade relationship with the other eleonian houses, particularly House Matheos, which has their ancestral seat and area of dominance in the Silver Mountainsand therefore control over the silver mines found in the eleonian part of the mountain range.

Like most other eleonian houses, House Angeleos is a follower of the Faith of the Four Elements. Their ancestral seat is the castle on the island of the river Vadion in the middle of the city of Angeleor. Their crest is a silver lion on blue ground.

Parent Organization

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4 Jan, 2023 06:38

The rather generic description of a noble house gains interest by the two faxts of the historical and present actions of this house, showing at once, that the crown isn't just passed from parent to child, but could in the past and can in the present change the holding family. Also, although it seems to be a monarchy, there is some kind of representation, as the other lords can vote. Maybe it's the style of the Holy Roman Empire and its use of principal-electors.

The world is not enough.
4 Jan, 2023 13:17

Thanks for the like and comment, I really appreciate it! I must admit that I didn't really think through the political system yet, but the principal-elector thing really is something I should look into, thanks for the inspiration. Have a nice day and a happy new year.