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General of the eleonian Army

Since the founding of the Kingdom of Eleonis, the eleonian army has grown into an intitution of significance and renown. This is in no small part the work of the many Generals it has had in its history.


To become General, a certain level of military skill is needed, not only at arms, but also in leadership and strategy. Usually, it takes years to achieve all this. Having the King's favour can't hurt either, since the General directly answers to the regent (if they are not the same person). It is not technically a requirement, but more often than not, the General has some sort of affiliation with the royal family. In the early days of the eleonian Kingdom, it was quite common for the King himself to take the responsibility of General, but nowadays it is more common that the General is a relative or spouse of the regent.


Usually, a General will have risen through the ranks of the eleonian military. After a previous General has left, it is customary for the ranking officers and advisors of the King to suggest a successor, who will then have to be approved by the King to be promoted. Usually there will be some dispute, but in the end, the King makes the final decision.


The General's task is to lead the military forces and to advise the King in military matters. They are the link between the King and the army. They also are in charge of overseeing the training of new recruits.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The General is identifiable by a blue sash worn diagonally across the chest, fixed to the left shoulder if not dressed in armour. If the General wears their armour, they will be recognized by a short, blue cape which leaves the sword-arm uncovered for easier fighting. More often than not, the General will be equipped with a high-quality dragonsteel blade, but this is not a way of recognizing them, since any idiot with enough money can buy such a weapon.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

As the General has to work with the King and advise him, a certain amount of trust and reliability is paramount for their cooperation. If the King is under the impression that this is no longer given, the General can be demoted or dismissed. This is entirely the King's choice.

Notable Holders

One of the most well-known holders of this title was Lord Riarcos Angeleos during the Great War. He did not hold the title for very long before he succumbed to his injuries after the war was won, but he was considered a hero by even his contemporaries.

Royalty, Military
As the Kingdom of Eleonis was established, this rank came into existance.
Form of Address
General (or his/her Highness/Majesty if appropriate)
Source of Authority
The General, if they are not the King/Queen themselves, is appointed by the regent and answers to the regent directly.
Length of Term
The lenght of term is not predetermined, usually it ends with death or retirement.
Current Holders
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