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War of the Lions

This conflict, which happened between 1213 and 1218 was nicknamed the War of the Lions by the soldiers who fought in it, since it was a war between two members of House Angeleos, which bears the crest of a silver lion on blue ground. It resulted from years of bad blood between the two brothers Eleothar and Iohan Angeleos. Iohan, the younger brother, had been jealous of his older brother for most of his life, since Eleothar was often considered the golden child of his parents and eventually inherited the throne of Eleonis. In addition to that, Eleothar married the woman Iohan had hoped to win for himself.   The conflict between the brothers culminated when Iohan plotted to murder Eleothar and his wife and two children, but only succeeded in killing his brother before being tricked and imprisoned by his nephew Jon, who then became King of Eleonis, banished Iohan from the kingdom and stripped him of his title and family name. As a result, Iohan travelled to Urtheon, the rulers of which had never had a good relationship with the southern kingdoms, and started to plan his revenge. He started conquering Baitha and Valeor, the two free countries of Leanor to gain an army large enough to attack Eleonis and stand a chance of winning.   As soon as Jon realized what was happening, he chose to act, but in order to try and prevent Iohan's attack from ever happening he did not choose to march on Urtheon. He instead made his way to Soane where Iohan now resided with his sister, serbaith huntress Zairah and the Princess of Lupear to confront his uncle. Unfortunately for him, this confrontation didn't go as planned and he was forced to retreat to Angeleor.   This prompted Iohan to attack Eleonis with a small force, which resulted in his forces being beaten back easily in the first battle of the Angeleor fields. After this, both Iohan and Jon knew, that the next attack would be much stronger, so Jon travelled to Lupear and Aguilear to renew the old alliance of the three kingdoms, which he successfully did. Together, the three armies were in a good position against Iohan's forces, but still, the second battle of the Angeleor fields brought unnecessary bloodshed. In a bold move, Jon took the lead and challenged his uncle to single combat to determine the winner of the battle and won the duel, thereby winning the War of the Lions.
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Conflict Type
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Start Date
17th July 1213 CE
Ending Date
1st February 1218 CE

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