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Siege of Lathear

The Siege of Lathear took place in early spring of 1214 at the gates of Baitha's largest city, Lathear. In October of the previous year, Iohan had attacked and destroyed all Serbaith villages in the Dragon's Ridge, where he thought to have killed or captured all of them, so he expected to now march on Lathear uncontested, but he was met with an armed resistance, who called themselves the Dragons.

Iohan recieved a message delivered by an arrow, warning him that he would regret to go through with his attack, which Iohan laughed off. He ordered the attack on the gates. The arrow with the message had been delivered by Zairah, who was one of the Serbaith who had survived Iohan's attack the previous year together with her friend Antheos and among the Dragons was known as the Black Dragon, a nickname turned into a title by her friends. Even though the Dragons put up a more than decent fight, they were unable to hold the city. Lathear was taken by Iohan and his men.

Immediately after the sacking of the city, Zairah and Antheos were captured, but Antheos turned on her and the Dragons by joining Iohan's forces. Zairah and a few other captives were then taken to Soane, where they were imprisoned and abused. Baitha, which had formerly been a free country, was now ruled by a representative of Iohan's military and its people forced to fight in his wars. Only a few of the Dragons managed to escape and find refuge in the Dark Forest, where they waited for their chance to reform and do something about Baitha's dire situation.
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17th March 1214

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