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Milnor Soanis

His royal Highness Milnor Soanis, Crown Prince of Urtheon

Milnor Soanis is the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Urtheon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Milnor was born in 1199 CE in Soane to the King of Urtheon and Queen Thearida. His father died in a hunting accident before he was born. After his father's death, his mother did not remarry and instead took the throne herself until her son would turn nineteen and thus be old enough to assume the throne by urtheonian law. She raised her son by herself, teaching him to be strong and independent, but also kind and considerate.

When he was fourteen, Iohan came from Eleonis to take refuge in Soane and changed the way Urtheon was run according to his own imagination with Thearida's leave. Milnor never liked Iohan or the fact that his mother gave him as much freedom as she did. After Iohan's first action of removing the Serbaith from his path into Valeor, a step Milnor did not agree with, Thearida had him placed on Iohan's secret war counsil, both to have access to information and to teach her son about the ways of war.

After Iohan's return from the Siege of Lathear and his subsequent conquest of Baitha, Milnor met Zairah, Iohan's captive at the time, and her former friend Antheos, who became part of the secret counsil as well. While Milnor quickly started to dislike Antheos, he developed a friendship with Zairah and eventually helped her escape captivity, sending her to Angeleor to inform King Ionathar of Iohan's plans. Together with Antheos and another soldier, he was sent to search for Zairah, but he instead made sure to keep the others off her track.

They split up after a while and Milnor and the soldier went back to Soane. There, he met Alatheas the son of the keepers of the Black Bear, an inn at the edge of the city, and fell in love with him. They had to be very careful not to be found out, since in Urtheon, it is a crime to engage in that kind of thing with someone of the same sex. In that same inn, he also met Ionathar for the first time when he came to Soane to confront Iohan. In late 1217 CE, he was forced to fight on Iohan's side in the first Battle of the Angeleor Fields. After he returned, he and Alatheas were found out and Alatheas was executed. Milnor was only left alive, because he is the Crown Prince, but after that, he left Urtheon and joined Ionathar's side instead in the second Battle of the Angeleor Fields.
Current Location
Date of Birth
April 21st, 1199 CE
Year of Birth
1199 CE 19 Years old
Current Residence
short, blond, wavy
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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