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Calain Matheos

Captain Calain Matheos

Calain Matheos is nowadays best known as Captain of the King's Guard to Ionathar Angeleos of Eleonis.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Calain Matheos was born in 1158 CE as the second son of the Lord and Lady of Matheor. Like many other sons of nobility, he started to train to be a knight as a young boy and left his home to join the army of Eleonis at just fourteen years old. Since then, he trained and moved up through the ranks, eventually making General of the eleonian Army at thirty, an office he held for twelve years, where he served his King loyally.

When he was 42, the old King died from the Fever. His son, Eleothar replaced some of the knights of the King's Guard and appointed him Captain of the new Guard. Initially, his younger brother Beodin was the new General, but after a few years, he was replaced by Eleothar's wife, Ameada, a decision Calain had supported at the time and never regretted since. After Eleothar was killed, his son Ionathar kept the knights in office.

During the War of the Lions, the King's Guard's loyalty was put to the test in two bloody battles. In the second of which the guards had to step back to leave the young King to fend for himself against his uncle in single combat, which led to the victory of the southern Alliance. Calain is still in office as Captain of the King's Guard, but he is sixty years old by now, so he is thinking about retirement after 46 years in service of the eleonian King. He served under three Kings, and as Captain of the King's Guard under two of them. By now, he is a highly decorated veteran of war and a renowned officer of the eleonian forces.

Current Location
Date of Birth
December 2nd, 1158 CE
Year of Birth
1158 CE 60 Years old
Current Residence
short, mostly grey
Aligned Organization


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