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Eleonian Navy

The Eleonian Navy is an organization that is about as old as the eleonian army. Before the union of the five eleonian lordships, the largest portion of what became the eleonian navy was the navy of the lordship of Selenia. The military port of the city of Selenia is still the most prominent military port in the Silver Sea region and the place where the navy is trained.

All throughout Eleonis, young men and women receive basic military training. Candidates for the navy are then sent to Selenia to receive the training specific to the navy. Most candidates come from the Evening Isles, Selenia and Angeleor, the lordships with access to the sea, though there are exceptions. Training to become a sailor in the eleonian navy is hard, but being a sailor is considered an important, honourable job.

For the past 250 years, the selenian navy and the eleonian navy have been the same formation. Historically, they sometimes acted as one unit, but the distinction between the two could be a very important thing. The history of Eleonis is full of small, internal military conflicts, many of which involved naval conflicts. When Selenia was on the way to take the Eleonian Crown, the navy very much acted as the selenian navy. It is even reported that non-selenian sailors occasionally refused to sail as part of the selenian navy.

This, however, did not stop the formation to act as the eleonian navy against enemies from outside the kingdom. Now, Eleonis is more united than it ever was, with internal military altercations essentially never occurring any more. The distinction between the two has become irrelevant, so the terms 'eleonian navy' and 'selenian navy' have become synonymous.

Still, sailors from Selenia like to continue making this distinction. Within the navy, there still are rivalries between selenian and non-selenian sailors, but those are usually not very serious. They usually manifest in the form of playing tricks on the other group and similar, normally harmless shenanigans.

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