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Dragonsteel, otherwise known as eleonian steel, is a steel made from the iron ore mined in the Silver Mountains and the Wall. To make the ore into steel, the iron is first purified. It is then carbonized and stacked in layers of varying carbon content. The steel is welded together in the forge and folded onto itself multiple times to achieve a multi-layered, patterned steel. For the making of weapons, in the final fold before the drawing out of the blade, a piece of more carbonated steel is sandwiched in the middle and forge-welded in, which will, when done right end up as the edge of the blade.

This requires a lot of practice and experience, so if this is done correctly, it is the mark of high quality and careful craftsmenship. The pattern of the steel has often described to look a bit like fire, which gave the steel the nickname Dragonsteel, which it nowadays is mostly referred to as. Well-made weapons from Dragonsteel are expensive and considered a status symbol around the known world, since only a handful of master blacksmiths know how to make it properly. They are known for their outstanding beauty, sharpness and durability.

The most well-known and prestigious Dragonsteel weapon is the Sword of the Lion, which was made to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice made on the battlefield of the Great War by Lord Riarcos Angeleos. It has since become part of the eleonian regalia together with the ancient eleonian crown.

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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by what is in our world known as damascus steel

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