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Eleonian Crown

The Eleonian Crown is and ancient signate of power in the kingdom of Eleonis and has been part of the regalia for centuries. It is made from silver that was mined in the Silver Mountains and crafted a long time ago by a very skilled jeweller, whose name is not known today for the first King of Eleonis.

Along its edge, five different colored jewels are set, representing the original five lordships to make up the kingdom of Eleonis, one of which has since ceased to exist, as well as four jewels to represent the four elements, who are the central deities in the Faith of the Four Elements. The silver is embellished with ornate tooling and gold inlays, which are done with great care and attention to detail.

The crown is the only piece of the regalia that was never replaced. For this reason, it is nowadays considered the most important piece. Over the centuries, it has been passed down for countless generations and seen dynasties rise and fall. It therefore represents the entire history of Eleonis as a kingdom and has acquired a somewhat sacred status. Historically, the crown was worn more often, but in recent times, most regents opted not to wear it unless stricktly required, which it rarely is outside of the actual coronation.

On the inside, the words TO SERVE, TO LEAD, TO PROTECT are engraved. These words became the base of the coronation vow, which nowadays is the centrepiece of an eleonian coronation ceremony. During the vow, it is held above the kneeling new ruler's head, and as soon as the words are said, it is placed on their head, allowing them to rise as King or Queen.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
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