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Silver Mountains

The Silver Mountains are a large mountain range in the north of Eleonis and Lupear, just south of Urtheon. Its known for its beautiful landscapes and views. The valleys in the silver mountains are heavily wooded and therefore are home to all sorts of woodland creatures that are also able to live in mountainous terrains as well as being an important source of wood. The silver mountains are rich in silver and iron ore resources underground and are therefore largely populated by miners and smiths, who process the raw materials and manufacture things from them.

Throughout the history of their inhabitation by humans, the Silver Mountains have always been a contested area, ever since the silver and iron in them was first discovered. Because of that, many battles have been fought about them and borders have shifted many times over the centuries, so ownership of the mountains has also changed many times. Essentially, whoever rules the Silver Mountains and has access to their natural resources is considered rich, which is connected to a lot of envy. As a result, every single peace treaty between the lands surrounding the Silver Mountains has involved them in some way or another.

However, throughout most of its history, at least some part of the Silver Mountains has belonged to Eleonis, helping it to be able to consistently produce Dragonsteel weapons as well as silver jewellery, art and everyday objects like chalices or cutlery, which, if made by an eleonian master, are seen as status symbols and are therefore desirable, prestigious items. Because those items make up a considerable portion of eleonian exports, the Silver Mountains are an important territory for Eleonis to at least partially keep in its possession.
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The cover image was taken by my sister.

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