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The blacksmiths of the Silver Mountains are among the greatest craftspeople in all of Leanor. They are the only people who know how to make eleonian steel, which is commonly known as Dragonsteel due to the flame-like pattern of the finished steel. Making and processing of Dragonsteel is a craft that requires excellent craftsmanship as well as high-quality raw material like the iron ore mined from the Silver Mountains.


Career Progression

Apprenticeship often begins at a young age. Children, usually boys, will start out as a helpmate, assisting the master smith and learning their way around the forge. When they're deemed ready, they will advance to the status of apprentice. At this point, they first start to learn to make Dragonsteel and then begin working on their first blades. If they finish their apprenticeship, they will become a fellow of the blacksmith's guild and may eventually become master themselves.

Payment & Reimbursement

The demand for good Dragonsteel blades is high, since they are widely considered to be very beautiful, sharp and durable weapons as well as a symbol of status and wealth. Therefore, a blacksmith can make a more than decent living from both orders for specific weapons and from selling items at markets across Eleonis, most notably in Angeleor as well as the coastal trade hubs.

Other Benefits

The general social standing of these blacksmiths is good, but usually not exceedingly so. While this doesn't happen very often, occasionally a blacksmith will become very well known for their work. Only one ever became downright famous, the one who made the Sword of the Lion.
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