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Matheor is the largest city in the Lordship of the same name, which is one of the five Lordships that came together into the Kingdom of Eleonis in 612 CE. The City of Silver, as it is also known as due to its high population of silver miners, is located in the south-western Silver Mountains and has a castle, which is the seat of House Matheos.


The inhabitants of Matheor are mainly miners of silver or iron ore and dragonsteel blacksmiths with their families.


Matheor is technically governed by House Matheos, but the city is de facto run by a counsil of retired miners with the occasional blacksmith. Due to the danger these professions pose to the workers, particularly the hard work in the mines, the general populus of Matheor is rather young with those over a certain age being mostly women. While the blacksmiths are usually the wealthier people, the miners have a higher standing within the city society, especially the seasoned or retired ones.

Industry & Trade

The city to no small part lives from sales of both unworked silver and iron ore as well as finished pieces of dragonsteel or fine silverwork. Both of these goods are considered items of luxury and status and are therefore able to be sold for a lot of money throughout Leanor and beyond.


Matheor is located in a valley between three moderately tall mountains on the shore of a small mountain river.


Due to the mountainous region Matheor is located in, it tends to be slightly colder here than in the lower regions of Eleonis.

Natural Resources

The three mountains around the city all contain resources of silver and iron, which are mined beneath all three of them. The ores in the mountains are the most important natural resources of the region, but the wood from the surface is also very important as a building material for both housing and the mine shafts. In the mines, pine wood is used particularly often.

Alternative Name(s)
City of Silver
Location under
Owning Organization

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