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Silver Miners

The Silver Mountains recieved their name after resources of silver were discovered in the area. People started mining the silver from above ground, but they soon began to dig deeper and work below ground as well. Over time, the tunnels became deeper and deeper and connecting tunnels were dug, creating mines with complex tunnel systems. The miners working there usually live in the towns that developed near the initial mine entrances and have their very own traditions and rituals.



Silver is not only a material for luxury items but also what coins are mainly made from, so the mines and those who work there are essential.

Social Status

Mining itself is extremely hard, dangerous and not very glamourous work that takes a heavy toll on the body, so after a certain age it just isn't possible anymore. Because of that, while active miners are respected socially, it's the old, retired ones who have a high social standing in their communities. They generally run their town.


In the mining towns, nearly every able-bodied man works in either the silver or the iron ore mines for as long as their body allows it unless he is a blacksmith.



Every miner needs a hammer and a set of chisels for mining. He always has several chisels on him, which are normally all blunt at the end of the day and need to be sharpened by a smith before they can be used again. Another absolutely essential tool is some kind of a lightsource to use below ground.


The mining tunnels are usually quite dark and narrow, as well as cold and moist. The larger tunnels are supported by constructions made out of pine wood, which has certain properties making it preferable to other kinds of wood, one of which being that pine wood croaks before it breaks, giving the miners a warning in case one of the tunnels is about to collaps. Due to the constant hammering, there is a lot of noise around the workers constantly. As one would expect, the mines smell of rust and wet rock.

Dangers & Hazards

As with any physically demanding task, the miners are at an increased risk of injuries. Since the miners work below ground, there is always a risk of the tunnels collapsing on top of the workers. Due to the permanent amount of noise around the workers, they are at an increased risk of permanent damage to their hearing. The constant darkness in the mines can in some cases not only be strenuous for the eyes, it can also cause psychological issues, particularly in winter, when the workers have to go down into the mines before sunrise and come back out after dark, causing them to rarely see the light of day for months on end.

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