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Sword of the Lion

The Sword of the Lion is a rather recent addition to the eleonian regalia used in the eleonian coronation cermony along with the Eleonian Crown. It was made after the Great Warto commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of Lord Riarcos Angeleos, who succumbed to his injuries after defeating King Laethis Soanis of Urtheon in single combat and thereby ending the Great War.

The longsword made by a master blacksmith from the Silver Mountains using the finest Dragonsteel. Its design is rather simplistic, but made with great accuracy and attention to detail. The most notable feature is the pommel, a majestic lion's head cast in silver, and the handle, which is wrapped in dark blue dyed leather, both representing the colours of House Angeleos, who became ruling house of Eleonis after the Great War.

Until recently, it hadn't ever been used in combat. This changed only recently in the First battle of the Angeleor Fields, when the current King of Eleonis, Ionathar Angeleos, used it to beat back his uncle's attacking army. It also played a critical role in the deciding battle of the War of the Lions, when Ionathar unexpectedly defeated his uncle Iohan, one of the best swordsmen of his generation, in single combat and survived.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization

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