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Eleothar Angeleos

His Majesty Eleothar Angeleos, King of Eleonis (a.k.a. Leo) (he/him)

Eleothar Angeleos is the former King of Eleonis and the father of Ionathar and Eleona.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Eleothar was born in 1178 CE in the castle of Angeleor as the first son of Crown Prince Leandir of Eleonis and his wife Almea during his grandfather's reign. In 1190 CE, his grandfather died at the age of 66 after a reign of 44 years and Leandir was crowned King, making Eleothar the immediate heir to the throne. Soon after, Eleothar's father started teaching his son all he needed to know about leading and also instructed Calain, the General of the Army, to intensify both his son's military training.

Eleothar did appreciate his father's efforts to teach him everything he needed to know, but didn't agree with some of his ideals and expectations. When his parents started urging him to find a wife, preferably a rich Lord's daughter, Eleothar refused to do so. He argued that he'd rather find a person he knew, liked and could work with rather than a stranger who only wanted his title. In 1196, after his father's annual trip to the orphanage to pick new recruits for the army, he met Ameada, a girl from the orphanage his father chose for training.

While he and his brother Iohanhelped Calain train the recruits, Eleothar and Ameada started talking and soon became friends. They gradually fell in love, and after a while of keeping their relationship a secret, they decided to stop sneaking around and Eleothar proposed to Ameada. Eleothar's parents were initially shocked by this, but reluctantly accepted his choice, so Eleothar and Ameada got married and nine months later, their daughter Eleona was born.

In 1200 CE, after the birth of their second child, Ionathar, Leandir and Almea died, allegedly from the Fever, though the circumstances are somewhat mysterious. Eleothar was crowned and became known as a just, kind King, though some people critisized him for sometimes being a little bit indecisive. His marriage to a low-born woman also bothered some. His brother Iohan was not a fan of his marriage either, but mostly because he'd been attracted to her as well and already resented his brother for being the fortunate one.

When he appointed Ameada General of the eleonian Army, some of his soldiers thought this outrageous, as a woman had never before been General, let alone a low-born one. Iohan was especially unhappy about this, since he had had his eyes on the position for a while. The brothers grew more and more distant to each other. Calain, now Captain of the King's Guard, had to keep Iohan from attacking Eleothar more than once, but neither he nor Eleothar would have though Iohan capable of going as far as he did in 1213 CE, when he murdered Eleothar in the courtyard of the castle with a dagger that would then be called the King's Death. Eleothar's death and his son's coronation marked the beginning of the War of the Lions.

Date of Birth
September 3rd, 1178 CE
Date of Death
July 17th, 1213 CE
1178 CE 1213 CE 35 years old
Circumstances of Death
Place of Death
medium blond, straight
Aligned Organization
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