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Silver Sea

The Silver Sea is a semi-enclosed sea, seperated from the Western Sea by a row of large islands. It is located between Eleonis and Aguilear and functions as a source of fish and salt as well as a part of important oversea trading routes for both kingdoms. As such, it is largely relevant economically to both. Additionally, it is a magnet for travellers from all over the world for its natural beauty and many historical sights.

The Silver Sea is known for its clear, blue water and white sand beaches and on its shores there are quite a lot of small, charming fishing villages as well several large, old trading cities. Those cities are home to some of the wealthiest merchants of Leanor and are considered not only important trading hubs, from which many goods are shipped out into the world, but also cultural centres, where people from many different cultures meet and live together. In that sense, these cities can be seen as cultural melting pots.

The name Silver Sea came to be, because one of the things shipped out from it was eleonian silver and artpieces made from it, which are, just like weapons made from Dragonsteel, considered some of the best in the world and major status symbols. Outside of Eleonis, possessing eleonian silver is a thing by which someone's rank and influence is measured, so anyone who is anyone wants to get their hands on a piece of eleonian silver, the more ornately made, the better.

Some of the sights people travel to the Silver Sea for include several stunning lighthouses found around it, the market halls of the trading cities, which are in most cases large, beautiful structures and the white beaches. Another reason to travel there is to go on to Meador to study or research.
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