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Eleonian Coronation

In Eleonis as well as the other kingdoms, the coronation marks the formal beginning of a new regent's reign. It usually takes place within a few days after the previous regent has passed away and officially instates their heir into the rank of King or Queen. In Eleonis, it is usually conducted by a representative of the Faith of the Four Elements in an open air location, if at all possible underneath an old oak tree, which represents nobility in Eleonis.

During the coronation ceremony, the new regent is presented with the regalia of Eleonis, which currently are the ancient crown of Eleonis and the legendary Sword of the Lion. The eleonian crown has been the mark of its ruler for centuries, while the sword has been made part of the regalia only after the Great War, when House Angeleos was appointed kingship of Eleonis due to Lord Riarcos' bravery and sacrifice on the battlefield in the deciding final battle of the Great War.

After the regalia are passed on to the new ruler, they kneel to their people and swear an oath to serve, lead and protect their people from all that would harm them. After that, they rise and it is then the people's turn to kneel, a gesture that signifies the acceptance of the new ruler and is nowadays essentially reserved for the coronation ceremony with only very rare exceptions. The now official ruler then gives their first official order, which is a simple "Rise."

The final important part of the ceremony is the moment the new ruler sits down in their throne. After this, the ceremony is complete and the new regent is officially the King or Queen of Eleonis. The current King of Eleonis is Ionathar Angeleos, who was crowned at thirteen years old, making him the youngest person in the history of Eleonis to be crowned its King or Queen.

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