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Faith of the four Elements

The Faith of the four Elements is the most common belief in Eleonis. It is based on the belief, that in everything in nature there is an ancient spirit. This includes plants and animals and rocks, you name it, but the four most important spirits are those of the four elements: fire (Iaris), water (Aesis), air (Erios) and earth (Aroth). Those four spirits are basically considered the co-leaders of all other nature spirits. Each of the four is responsible for a specific set of natural phenomena as well as being each connected to one of the four seasons. The most common symbol of this faith is a tree, since trees rely on all four elements directly to grow and live, as well as representing seasonal changes like nothing else.

The people of Eleonis worship these deities by honouring nature and mindfully using natural ressources. There is no such thing as temples, since that would somewhat contradict the point of worshipping nature itself. Major ceremonies like weddings, funerals or coronations and other religious celebrations are instead held outside, often in ceremonial groves of trees. As an example, it is customary to bury the dead in some kind of forest or grove and plant a tree on their grave. Which kind of tree is mostly up to preference, but oaks are reserved for royalty.

In terms of priesthood, there are people responsible for conducting ceremonies as well as those responsible for reading and interpreting signs of nature, such as weather changes and unusual natural phenomena. While the term of priesthood itself doesn't actually exist in this religion, these people have a very similar function. They often also work as teachers and/or mentors. Those educated in anything closely connected to nature are considered highly religious folk, so people like hunters, fishermen and those knowledgable about herbal lore have a rather high status in society.
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