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Forge Master Montgomery Grimm

Forge Master Montgomery Grimm (a.k.a. Old Monty)

Forge Master Montgomery Grimm generally referred to as "Old Monty" is responsible for the industrialization of the Cinderholm Metal Works. Old Monty is a particularly dour bald dwarf with a neatly trimmed white beard and pair of impressively expressive bushy caterpillar like eyebrows. He currently oversees the maintenance and expansion of Cinderholm's forges, and takes great care in doing so, as after all he was the one who originally saw to their construction. With his leadership and dedication the metal works grew to the scale they are now with the production increase in raw ingots fueling the growth of the city and putting it on the map.   Though old he has not stopped improving the efficiency of the refining process . With the passage of the years he has gained a reputation not as an innovator in technology but as a master of application. He is one of the best people in the application of new technology, ideas or techniques with an innate sense of how to get new technologies to  work effectively with in constraints be they space, cost, ect.    The title of Forge Master was given to him upon the completion of the first level of the metal works. After receiving this honor instead of resting on his laurels as he could have, he began future proofing the smelting capacity by beginning construction on the second floor of the metal works. Old Monty is the embodiment of forward thinking and dedication, he is greatly loved by the city he helped build and as time has moved forward he has not allowed the city to fall behind in its production capacity thus maintaining it's prominence as a major trade hub for processing and exporting ore. In Cinderholm it is often said, Forge Master Montgomery Grimm will hold onto his title until his death and even then death will have a hard time pulling it from the old dwarf.
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Bald with a white beard


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