Queen Valeria de Sarix

Queen Valeria de Sarix ascended to the throne of Mournstone almost a decade ago, after her father Silvius III passed away unexpectedly. A bright young woman, the newly minted queen quickly gained a reputation for efficiency and interest in all matters martial; she has expanded the nation's already prodigious royal fleet and is now investing in the army as well.  


By reputation the queen is quick to laugh and sharp of wit, with an easy grace that allows her to manage the royal court at her manor, the House of the Seven. Interestingly, she has only a few close companions. These are men and women that she has known since childhood, the children of some of the more prominent nobles of the realm. Since ascending to the throne she has seemingly been more reticent to establish new relationships, preferring to keep her courtiers at a distance.   Compounding her aloofness is her unwillingness to get married and produce an heir to the throne. While she has had a few discreet dalliances, none have resulted in offspring. When delicately asked, most courtiers receive only a withering glance. Those very close to her are aware that she favors her younger sister Ghala as a successor, and has clearly defined this in her will. Preferring not to spur her ambitious sister into foolish plotting however, she has mostly kept this to herself.  

Recent endeavors

The discovery of the continent of Tal Inalia has spurred many of the nations of western Tal Avalin into action. The queen has taken steps to make sure that Mournstone does not fall behind in this regard. She personally funds expeditions, most recently one to establish a new settlement on the Tal Inalian mainland.

Cover art by Poisonedpaper
Long, auburn
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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