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Hey, I'm worldbuilding for my own fantasy setting intended to be used for TTRPGs, though in reality I'm making content for the sake of my own amusement. I'm by no means a writer. But I write.

My latest project is Freelands! Even more so than my previous projects, it's a world for me. Still, I think others may enjoy a thing or two in there. Check it out if you feel like it!

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Favorite Movies

Flåklypa Grand Prix

Favorite TV Series

Vikingane (aka Norsemen in english)

Favorite Books

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
Hel Ved by Lars Mytting

Favorite Writers

Writing music counts, right? Einar Selvik

Favorite Games

D&D, Warhammer Fantasy 2E, Kotor, Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins, the Witcher series