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Things didn't start with a bang, but they sure ended in one. When a mighty foe came from the south, bitter rivalry turned into strained friendships. Countries big and small banded together to stop the invading Yocilum Empire, and armies of hitherto unimaginable might gathered at Chesmis. Kings and peasants, grown men and older children mobilized as equals and brought with them however many sorcerers they could amass. But magic is volatile, unpredictable. And with the highest concentration of magic the world had ever seen gathered in one place, things were bound to go wrong.

They called it the End. All who stood close enough to witness what caused the explosion perished in it. It ripped the landmass apart, tore the continent in two. The flash of light blinded people from miles away, and the quakes that followed shook the earth for days. Thousands upon thousands of deaths on both sides, the war ended abruptly after that. There were no winners.

A couple of decades has passed since the End, and the world has changed. Relationships between nations are uneasy, cold, and even allies are not fully trusted. Sorcerers are shunned, or even hunted and executed, for they are too dangerous to be kept alive. Technology is developing at a rapid pace in the north, and their development of firearms seeks to replace sorcerers with a science that can be understood. And to the south? Well, not much is known about the south anymore, as the Yocilum Empire withdrew all emissaries and closed all borders.
Freelands is a low fantasy setting combining elements from late middle-ages up until the 19th century. It is as such a place where things we consider horrible today are considered normal. There are gender roles, racism, people are treated differently depending on where they are from, they are judged based on looks and ability. But all is not doom and gloom. There is also love, the common man is generally a good person, and there are cultures and traditions, each with unique beauty.