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Queen Laura

The Kingdom of Canterbury was probably the most recognizable and organized faction in all of Tierras Mágicas. Inhabiting the massive Canterbury Castle and counting on assets such as a spaceship, a dragon's hoard of treasure and, some would add, their very own Pink Rubber Ducky, they controlled the plains keeping the geyser snakes at bay and harvesting the resources the salt lake had to offer.   From start to end, this kingdom was fairly commanded by Queen Laura, a smart girl that kept the state's affairs in order for a long time, up until she ultimately had to take some hard decisions to get back the one she lost.  

Physical aspect

Queen Laura was a 12 years old click girl with short dark hair who dressed in yellow and white.
Early on in her life, her family discovered that her legs were weak and tended to fail her at weird times. Her mysterious disease progressed with time, until she was affected with complete brokenness on both legs.
Treatments with modelling clay embedding were attempted, but ultimately failed to keep her consistently walking on her own.
She used a green and white wheelchair for mobility and was otherwise in good health.

Life and likes

The queen of Canterbury was often seen surrounded by her pets: Doves and a couple of small dragons that enjoyed sleeping atop the kingdom's treasure.   She was friendly and spent most of her free time with her parents and her grandma, sometimes enjoying the performances that her knights and horses would put up for her.   Most of all, Laura enjoyed spending time with her favourite knight, Sebastián, who she saw as a mentor, big brother and protector.
Knight Sebastián by Naelin

Where is Sebastián?

Losing Knight Sebastián to The Tempest was the hardest hit in the life of the young queen.   The monarch that once was joyful and trusting turned desperate and commanding. She exhausted all of the possibilities in the search for her knight.  
Transferred Sebastián by Naelin
At the brink of despair, she powered through her disability to make the massive hike through her castle's cavernous floors until she reached the Faeries to get a wish granted.
When she came down, resolute, she requested a vessel for her miracle, and a loyal subject obliged. The failed attempt to call back Sebastián's soul was the last horror in the search for the lost knight. As the echo of Sebastián slowly faded away on the empty husk of a sacrificed body, Laura abandoned her efforts and hope. The kingdom of Canterbury was never quite the same again.
Lawful Neutral
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations
The Canterburian Royal Family

Cover image: Kingdom of Canterbury Banner
Character Portrait image: Queen Laura by Naelin


Author's Notes

This article is inspired by TJ Trewin's 400 Worldbuilding Prompt prompt N°44: "Write about a character who is grieving in your world. What happened to them? Is there anything that could help them to recover from their loss?"

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