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Canterbury Castle

The plains of Tierras Mágicas were encircled by several terrain features and the bases of the many civilizations that lived in it, but no construction was so colossal as the Castle of Canterbury, a building so tall that it reached above the dim lights of the fading stars.   The castle was inhabited by people only in the bottom area, where it served as the headquarters of the Kingdom of Canterbury.
Above the heads of the Canterburians, the castle was filled with massive, deep, escalating caverns, filled with a nothingness impossible to map out. Those that had enough purpose to lead them up to escalate up to the top were said to be rewarded with a miracle if the Faeries deemed it worthy.  

The Bottom Floors

The castle was intricate in its interiors, well guarded and secure, though slightly cramped.   The bottommost area had the Canterburian's living quarters, as well as their pile of treasure, precious metals and jewels that granted them the economic upper hand in the World of Plaza and was "guarded" my small dragons.
Both horses and clicks lived inside of the castle, though they would spend most of the day roaming the plains.   Other areas on the bottom floors would be used for storage of goods, sometimes from other nations such as the Clan of Elementalis.


Above the Canterburians' living quarters, the rest of the castle up to the stars was filled with shape-changing caverns, an ascending trekking route up to a massive terrace that rewarded those who reached it.  
A Faerie by Naelin

The Faeries

It was said that atop the castle lived a group of mythical faeries that would grant a miracle to those that escalated the castle to reach them.
The Faeries were visited less than a handful of times, and their existence was only corroborated by the wishes granted to the ones that came down to show them.
Shield of Canterbury
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Author's Notes

This article is inspired by TJ Trewin's 400 Worldbuilding Prompt prompt N°28: "Describe the architectural features of a tower in your world that are absurdly different from its surroundings. What's its purpose and why was it built so differently?"

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