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Toy Horse

Represented through many nations and sizes, the horse was the most versatile and respected animal in Tierras Mágicas.
They were without fault regarded at the same level or even above humanoids, and worked side by side with them, carrying weights, fighting battles and pulling carriages.
Unlike other farm and wild animals, they were able to communicate directly with humanoids.   The horses of Tierras Mágicas lived luxurious lives, and usually had accessories and clothes, a rarity among other species.  

Scales of Horse

1/20 (Massive)

Massive horses such as Chopek (Standing 20cm tall) are rare, but were usually regarded as authorities in Tierras Mágicas.   They lived in The Stables, under the care of Rodrigo, a human man of their same scale.   There were four massive horses in Tierras Mágicas: Chopek, Timbre, Potro and Violeta.
Chopek ruled above all in The Stables, and it is said that she had connections even with the Xenomorph.

Chopek And Rodrigo by Naelin


Knight Sebastián by Naelin
The Canterburian horse was the most common kind of horse in Tierras Mágicas, and keeps being the most common nowadays.
They stand 8cm tall and are versatile, resilient and loyal.
They were fierce contenders for the Geyser Snakes, hard workers and restless travellers.   The most well known of Canterburian horses was Blacky, the steed of Sebastián.   Canterburian horses evolved since the times of Tierras Mágicas, and now have way more detailed features.


Farm horses were small and most had well-defined features. They tended to travel a lot through the World of Plaza alongside other farm animals.   The main representatives of this size of horse were Sagrado and Holi. These two led the farm animals alongside a donkey also named Sagrado. Both sacred animals had magical powers, albeit not at the same degree as The Faeries.


The smallest standard size of horses was the Lead horse, heavy weighted and clad with metallic armours, these war horses were fearless against any enemy other than an All-Mighty, but were extremely fragile to environmental threats.
Lead horses lived alongside Farm horses and animals, but due to their frailty, they didn't use to leave Tierras Mágicas.
Average Height
20cm (Massive)
8cm (Canterburian)
4cm (Farm)
3cm (Lead)
Geographic Distribution
Photo Sharing of Secrets.jpg
Sharing of Secrets by Naelin
A Canterburian Knight by Naelin

Cover image: Banner Chopek


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