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Knight Sebastián of Canterbury

"Spare no efforts to find my knight. He is there. He has to be there somewhere."
— Queen Laura
  Knight Sebastián from the Kingdom of Canterbury. Loyal, noble, fearless. Lost before his time, or anyone's time, for that matter.   He was the most fierce of the Canterburian army. Best friend, confident, protector and counsellor of the Queen Laura.
Always riding his equally fierce steed Blacky, he would fight bravely whenever the geyser snakes spawned from the bottom of The Lake.   He was everything for the young queen.  

Time as knight

At the height of the Kingdom of Canterbury's power, Sebastián was the second most influential click in the whole of Tierras Mágicas, right after his queen, and even above the queen's parents.   He commanded all of the defence activities and kept an especially close eye on training and caring for the kingdom's horses, who sometimes would work with him directly without being ridden by anyone.   Sebastián wielded a katana, the only one in the World of Plaza as well as a practical knife, and rode the bravest most loyal steed in existence. He dressed in all black, and for the most dangerous quests, he would wear a black helmet with an orange plume.  

The Tempest

At a time of riches and prosperity, the Canterburians were accustomed to daily trips or even extended voyages into The Ocean in summer times, with the ship that the elementalis had managed to bring from the distant world of Victoria.   There was a hot calm night where the Canterburians decided to anchor the ship on the coast and camp there, enjoying the roofless sky of Ciudad Comercial Grande, where the stars were smaller and much more numerous, and wouldn't fade out minutes after the lights went out.   They were unaware and unprepared when The Tempest started.
At least a dozen wanderer All-Mighties had gathered inside The Ocean, an occurrence the clicks had never seen in person before and would make sure to never see again.
The ship was ripped from her anchor and thrashed through the monstrous waves and the arms of the All-Mighties that manipulated them. Hours went by with terrified clicks clasped inside gigantic hands, holding on to their breath of life with all their remaining energy to eventually wash ashore, bruised and disoriented.   Then the wanderer All-Mighties were gone.   The next morning the clicks slowly regrouped and every Canterburian was accounted for, except for one.  

Where is Sebastián?


The Search

A desperate Queen Laura immediately realised her knight was missing.
She called and called, and her subjects helped her search through the shores, the waters, and the jungle.   Eventually, aching, exhausted from the tempest and traumatized by the experience, the Canterburians convinced the queen that regrouping and getting help back at the castle would be the best idea.   And so the search started.  


Laura and her cohort quickly returned to where the knight was last seen.
A second round of recognition aided by the Clan of Elementalis went from the shore to the Lair of Cartucho.   They wandered into the darkness where no toy should step and talked about thalassic throats into the nothingness, but nothing of Sebastián hiding in the cave.
Even if the monstrous Cartucho had accidentally swallowed the knight, he would return him mostly unharmed, Laura said. He was not spat out.

The Pendulums

Laura's parents, seeing the anguish in their daughter's eyes, made the pilgrimage to the top of the Canterburian castle to ask The Faeries for a way to search for the lost knight.   They provided two magical pendulums, one amethyst, one quartz, that would indicate where to search.   After too many uses and efforts, the quartz one gave up. They decided to try something else.

The Faeries

Tireless, Laura, not yet requiring her wheelchair to move but already suffering from terrible brokenness in her legs, travelled all the way up to the top of her castle herself, to meet The Faeries and ask for a very special miracle.   One that no one dared ask before. It was granted.

The Sacrifice

"My subjects will understand. Some persons are needed in this kingdom. Some sacrifices are needed to ensure they are here."
— Queen Laura
Laura scrutinized every subject in her domain.
She found the one that seemed most apt for the task. Loyal and selfless, he offered himself without complaints.
Transferred Sebastián by Naelin
Things did not go as wanted.   As if the man they tried to call back was not "there" enough.   It eventually faded away, though no one was the same again.
Lawful Good
Current Status
Dark blonde, neck long
Aligned Organization
Last Seen
January 24th, 2004 of the All-Mighties
Knight Sebastián by Naelin

Where is Sebastián?

Every corner of the World of Plaza has been accounted for, several times around.
  All methods have been exhausted.
The story of this struggle is written in every stone and every resource.
Wherever you go looking, you will find a piece of the history of what couldn't be found.
Picture of a playmobil katana inside a picture frama
What's left by Naelin
Sebastián's katana, showing traces of modelling clay embedding

Cover image: Kingdom of Canterbury Banner
Character Portrait image: Knight Sebastián by Naelin


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